Martins Funerals Cater for Your Precise Needs

sLosing a loved one is a traumatic experience.  And the death of a loved one is a time for serious reflection. Many people are distraught when they realise that there is no funeral plan and no money for a funeral. Martins Funerals know that they can’t wave a magic wand and make all your pain and stress disappear. However, they have the means to make things a lot lighter and more bearable.

The funeral ceremony is a time for the family to express their grief and love for person who has passed away. A funeral ceremony is a sad good-bye service. But it is also a Martins Funeralscelebration of a life, especially one that was good and full. A funeral gives the family as well as friends the chance to offer support to each other.

Martins Funerals – All the Tiniest Funeral Details Attended to

When someone dies, are you aware of all the documentation and processes to follow? There are a hundred and one little details that need to be attended to, right to the point of choosing what the deceased will wear and what music to play at the funeral.

Once a person has died, a medical death certificate will be issued by a doctor, after which you need to contact the Funeral Home. With so much at stake, it is important to select a funeral home that you feel confident with and who you know will have the knowledge and skills to to arrange a meaningful funeral for your loved one. Martins Funerals have nearly 25 years of funeral experience behind them, and when you call them you get 100% expertise in the organising of funerals. They organise funerals for individuals, families and pensioners.

Martins Funerals – Martins Take Care of All the Complexities

Available 24 hours a day and every day of the week, once you have called Martins Funerals, it will be such a relief having them take care of all the paperwork and procedures. Not only that, they arrange to collect the body from the hospital too. They will even consult with clergy for you or introduce you to the right people who will give you the support you need for your funeral service. From just R40 a month, and without the need to undergo a medical examination, just some of the many other helpful services Martins offers –

●   removal, care and conservation of the deceased
●   funeral arrangements and cremations
●   they take care of all documentation – death certificate etc and register the death at Department of Home Affairs
●   order flowers
●   repatriation services
●   memorial stones as well as a wide selection of quality caskets
●   people with HIV/Aids are not excluded from Martin’s funeral plans

Martins Funerals –  Funerals That Please

Payouts for funeral plans are made within 48 hours. Why don’t you give Martins Funerals a call and rely on their care and experience? They offer you a range of policies to fit your budget. Martins will call you back, listen to your particular details and provide you with a no-obligation quote. They will then proceed with providing you with a funeral you can be sure the deceased will have been more than satisfied with.

We will send you a funeral cover quote if you complete and send the form on this page

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