Funeral Plan Options for the Whole Family

Funeral plan options are important to examine closely as the death of a loved one is always a traumatic experience. When death calls, the very last thing anyone feels like attending to is the many responsibilities and decisions that come with planning a funeral. Old Mutual knows that at times like these, finances and plans can add to your stress. They come up with excellent funeral cover as well as sound advice on how to make the planning of a funeral a veritable breeze.

Excellent funeral cover from Old Mutual is of the best as it comes from an established brand. Old Mutual is an insurance company that is heading towards being 200 years old and this bears testimony to its excellent products and services.

Funeral Plan Options – You Don’t Get Lower than This

Funeral Plan OptionsOld Mutual’s funeral cover is ridiculously affordable, starting at a mere R27 a month. In spite of being affordable, funeral plans from Old Mutual have got many benefits that make people want them. The beauty of a funeral plan from Old Mutual is that they make it easy for you to compare the plans they offer and to request a funeral cover quote.

Funeral Plan Options – You Don’t Make Unnecessary Payments

Old Mutual offers some excellent plans. Their names are Care Plan, Standard Plan and Comprehensive+ Plan. Take a look at each of these plans to discover who is covered. The main concern for single parents is that they might have to pay for a spouse they no longer have. Not at all. Their Single Adult Family cover is ideally suited for single parents who want to cover themselves and their dependent children and certainly not for a spouse they don’t have.

The advantage for Old Mutual Funeral Cover is that you only select cover that caters for your specific need. Both the Standard as well as the Comprehensive+ Plans policyholders also have a Terminal Illness benefit and a Cash Back benefit. You benefit from these benefits once you have paid 36 premiums.

Old MutualSome of the new benefits that you’ll find on the Standard and Comprehensive+ Plans include –

●   Education Benefits – provides payments for 12 months when a person dies, to be used for education expenses
●   Grocery Benefit – payments for 12 months towards groceries
●   More Cover Benefit – with the Standard- and Comprehensive+ Plan, if you have R50 000 or more cover, you also get 10% more cover, and this is at no extra cost.

Old Mutual Funeral Plan policyholders also have access to ‘More4U’ which simply rewards you with more value and more support. This is over and above the plan that you already have. With their funeral support, More4U will help with the transportation of the body to a funeral home nearest to the place of burial. You’ll get help with funeral arrangements and also get free accommodation for a relative who accompanies the body. Trauma counselling and legal assistance is also provided.

You might want to look at Old Mutual’s Greenlight Final Expenses which is additional funeral cover to protect your entire family. It’s use comes in the fact that it will pay a lump sum which you can pay for any kind of debt you have.

Funeral Plan Options – No Excuse NOT to have Funeral Cover

If you don’t want your family to be at a complete loss as to how to plan a funeral for you, plan for it. With affordable funeral plans from Old Mutual, all conflict over money and ideas will not be part of this already traumatic period in your life.

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