Funeral Plan Benefits from Assupol

Funeral plans vary but everyone wants the same funeral plan benefits from them. People want a dignified and affordable funeral that comes with lots of useful extras.

With the right kind of funeral cover, there won’t be any need to worry. This is because a plan that suits your needs and budget will remove that terrible anxiety you have when you don’t have money to pay for a funeral.

Today, funeral plans are designed to suit your unique needs as well as those of your family. You can choose from cover options ranging from R5 000 up to R50 000 cover, depending on the specific product you choose.

Funeral Cover from an Authorised Financial Services Provider

Assupol is known to offer excellent funeral cover for you and your family. They are an authorised financial services provider offering a range of products which are suited those in Funeral Plan Benefits from Assupolthe lower to middle-income market.

Assupol have been offering their excellent products since 1913 already. Whereas they once were a burial society for members of the police and other government employees, these days they cater for the general public as well.

Their client base now includes those in the middle and high-income groups as well.

Whatever plan you take, Assupol’s funeral cover caters for the deceased’s family, ensuring they benefit from a decent life before and after the funeral. When you invest in Assupol Funeral Cover, claims are paid out within 48 hours.

Funeral Plan Benefits from Assupol – There is so Much More

The notable thing with funeral plan benefits from Assupol is that you and your family don’t have to wait for death to benefit as would be the case with a life insurance payout. Assupol’s funeral plan allows you to benefit from your policy while you are alive.

Not only that, Assupol happen to be one of the few companies that will cover retirees right up to the age of 80 years old, and this for less than R80 per month.

The Absolute Advantage Family Funeral Plan provides more than funeral benefits. One of their noteworthy offerings is their fantastic family income benefit which pays R1000 for 6 months after the death of the policyholder.

Singles Score Too from Funeral Plan Benefits

People sometimes think that Assupol’s Family Funeral Cover is limited to people who are married and with children but it’s for when you’re single too. Assupol has funeral cover for every South African, whether you’re married or single.

Their Absolute Advantage Individual Cover is simple and easy, catering essentially for younger individuals who don’t have spouses and children to take into account. For a small amount of R32 a month, if you are under the age of 25, you will appreciate what you get when you part with this amount.

Just some of the benefits you can enjoy with the Assupol Absolute Advantage Funeral Family Plan –

●   a maximum benefit cover of R50 000 for the life insured, their spouse and up to 5 children
●   you can added extended family members but there will be an additional premium for this benefit
●   immediate cover is provided for accidental death
●   Assupol offers an option for premium increases
●   there will be a double pay-out for accidental death
●   a cash-back benefit is yours every 4 years
●  Assupol On-Call offers assistance and advice with HIV/Aids and Aids.

Dignity and Peace – with Assupol

The Assupol Funeral Cover Premiums for Family Insurance provide utter peace of mind – you can say that Assupol is your helping hand, providing physical and emotional help to ensure that in death there is dignity and peace.

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