How to Start a Lucrative Coffin and Casket Manufacturing Business

If you want to survive an economic downturn, celebrating funerals lavishly may well have to take second place to more simple functions. Everyone dies at some time and coffin  and casket manufacturing is a much needed service. Many entrepreneurs in South Africa have started at the bottom, making coffins in their humble garages at home.

With a few basic electric tools such as a sander, drill, circular hand saw, compressor and spray gun they have started making plain but adequate coffins in their spare time. They have found a need for coffins in a country where death is rampant. Criminals run South Africa and life is worth nothing. Whether its HIV/Aids, murders, rape, Ebola, car accidents or xenophobia, death is everywhere, and coffin making is a guaranteed business to be in.


Trimo on Coffin and Casket Manufacturing

Coffin and Casket Manufacturing – Get that Coffin-Making Certificate in Your Hands

Anybody can start a business in South Africa. When people start a business they do their homework to see where there is a gap in the market. They consider the resources they need to make their goal a reality, coming up with a business plan which they present to their financiers with a promise of a return on investment.

There is no such thing as looking for a gap with a coffin and casket manufacturing business, as there is always a demand for coffins in a violent and criminal society. Of course there is going to be competition, and that is why it is important to get that coffin-making certificate of completion in your hands as this will give people the assurance that you are familiar with the Example of a Trimo Productfuneral industry and know what you are doing.

While South Africans are looking to spend less on coffins, they are still demanding quality. Therefore it is necessary to get training so that you can make a SABS approved coffin. You can’t choose your customers either, and this will mean knowing how to manufacture pauper coffins, standard coffins as well as elaborate coffins for those who still demand them.

When you do coffin training at the Trimo Training Center, they equip you with all the skills to supply coffins and caskets to the poor and the rich. At Trimo you won’t only learn how to actually construct a burial box, you’ll learn how to also stain burial boxes and how to upholster them.

Coffin and Casket Manufacturing – Learn how to Market Your Product

The beauty about starting a coffin and casket manufacturing business with Trimo is that they don’t only provide you with discounted, affordable hands-on training courses. They go one step further and actually teach you all you need to know to start your own small business. On completion of the course, you get a certificate of completion, you get a manual for the course attended as well as mentorship as needed.

Coffin and Casket Manufacturing – In-Demand Entrepreneurs

Trimo offers many courses which vary in price and duration. One of their sought after courses is ‘Learning how to manufacture coffins and caskets’. It is all very well learning how to make coffins, but you also have to know how to market your product. Once Trimo have got you ready in all aspects of coffin making, your life will change because entrepreneurs in the coffin making business are in demand.

Coffin and Casket Manufacturing – Death is All Around Us

More and more people are looking for great business opportunities, and when you have your own business you don’t have to fear retrenchment. Death in South Africa is huge – it is all around us – and your coffin manufacturing course from Trimo may well provide you with an excellent chance of becoming a lucrative undertaking which will change your life for the better.

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