AVBOB is South Africa’s Leading Funeral Home

When death calls within your family circle, you want to be able to rely on a funeral home AVBOB can provide professional services for you during an unsettling time. They must also be able to answer any queries you have in a caring way. When you do research on some of South Africa’s leading funeral homes, you will find that AVBOB stands out as those who are able to offer professional services and advice, making death that much more bearable.

There’s Help to Make the Best Policy Choices

AVBOB’s insurance representatives are trained to assist every client of theirs to make the best policy choices for their individual needs. They can be trusted to help you with the purchasing of Funeral Home AVBOBcoffins and other funeral accessories without getting you to spend more than you need. They are your reputable death-to-grave specialists, arranging everything from the issuing of the death certificate to arranging a ‘putting-everything-behind-you’ celebratory meal after the burial or cremation, allowing you to move on with life once again.

A Well Established, Reputable Funeral Home AVBOB

AVBOB aren’t new to the funeral industry and were established in 1918. Today they provide what they call a one-stop funeral insurance and burial service. More than 3 million people are insured by them. They also have their Cashback Lifestyle product, offering single-life cover with a host of funeral benefits. They have 3 operating divisions –

    • AVBOB Insurance – a full range of funeral polices are offered. Those insured under an AVBOB policy receive free funeral benefits if they choose AVBOB to conduct the funeral.
    • AVBOB Funeral Service – this is a national network made up of more then 150 professionally run funeral agencies.
    • AVBOB Industries – this is a Bloemfontein factory which manufactures a quality range of coffins and caskets as well as wreaths. They are also able to offer their clients an excellent range of tombstones and memorials from the local- and international market. In fact they are one of the biggest coffin manufacturers in South Africa and their coffins suit every religion and culture. They also offer the public plenty of funeral accessories, equipment, wreaths and shrouds.

All Money is Expertly Invested

Funeral home AVBOB is the custodian of large amounts of money which all their policyholders submit to them and to ensure that these funds are handled effectively, they employ a number of expert investment managers to ensure that these funds are increasing and used wisely.

What makes AVBOB a leading funeral home is that everybody loves those who work towards making life better for everyone, and they offer so many programmes and incentives that go beyond funeral services. One or two of these is that they have donated fully-equipped libraries to underprivileged schools, and in times of natural disasters they offer financial and material assistance.

Excellent Funeral Services are Guaranteed

Funeral home AVBOB simply wants to build a better tomorrow for everyone. As a member of the National Funeral Director’s Association (NFDA) they are also committed to the code of conduct of the Association, and this means you are guaranteed excellent services and respect from South Africa’s leading funeral home.

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