How to Get a Funeral Policy Quote from Old Mutual

Technology has certainly made getting a funeral policy quote a lot easier. No more driving- and phoning around to get the best deal. The Internet has millions of pages providing up-to-date information. When it comes to death and funerals, its offers a rich source of information as well. Nowadays you can compare funeral policies from well known financial institutions from the comfort of your lap- or desk-top and request a quote from the provider whose offerings appeal to you the most.

When you request funeral quotes. you’ll see that names such as Hollard, Metropolitan Life and Old Mutual come up, as these are some of the popular, reputable names when it comes to the provision of funeral plans.

Funeral Policy Quote from a Trusted and Reliable Source

Funeral Policy Quote from Old MutualLife in South Africa can’t be guaranteed – the next day is filled with uncertainties. It is far better to be prepared so that your sudden death doesn’t throw your family into chaos and utter despair. When people start looking for funeral policy quotes, they like getting a quote from Old Mutual because they reckon that an insurance company with over 17 million customers must be offering something good. The fact that they started out in 1846 already also speaks of their reliability.

How do you go about getting a funeral policy quote from Old Mutual – after all it guarantees low monthly premiums and cover which is tailored to their customer’s needs. Its important to compare funeral cover before you actually apply for your quote. When you compare funeral plans there are a few things you need to consider such as:

  • How much cover you need?
  • Who do you want to include – your parents, your spouse, your children?
  • What additional benefits will you get and most importantly what are you willing to pay?


Old Mutual Funeral Policy Quote – One of the Lowest Quotes Around

With Old Mutual Funeral Cover you get a range of funeral plans designed around your family, with funeral plans starting at just R31 a month, their funeral plans are simple and cost effective. Their Greenlight Personal Cover Quote is perfect for those wanting to buy a funeral plan and also wanting to know how much it will cost. There is no obligation for you to buy either, and you can choose between life, funeral, disability and severe illness cover. Old Mutual’s insurance calculator helps you to get a quick online quote.

  • Simply provide Old Mutual with some details and they promise to get back to you.Funeral Policy Quotes Online
  • If you need help you can call Old Mutual on 0860 60 6065.
  • Answer the questions – the questions are easy to answer. They ask you things such as your birth date, your gender, are you a smoker, what job do you have, etc.
  • Once you have answered all the questions, submit the online form.



Old Mutual makes everything easy to you. An affordable quote from them will help you realise that nothing on earth can match them for quality products and services, and their low prices are an unbeatable proposition.

To get your own funeral cover quote simply complete and submit the form on this page

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