Old Mutual Greenlight Final Expenses

Amongst all the incredible savings and insurance benefits that Old Mutual offers, one such one is the Old Mutual Greenlight Final Expenses Benefit range.

That offers far more for you than just your average funeral cover. With this benefit, you can protect your spouse, your children and even extend protection to other family members, even your in-laws.

It offers you a lump sum payout which you can use for funeral costs. This funeral plan will also cover those short-term debts that have arisen, for example, your credit card.

Old Mutual Greenlight – Coverage your Whole Life

Old Mutual Greenlight BrochureIf you want cover for your entire life, which is the whole-life cover offer, or only for a period of time, which is term cover, you can decide what best suits your needs. Depending on the option you choose will determine your premium and your benefits.

You can choose the cover for your entire life (whole life cover) or a specific period (term cover). The amount of cover you can buy will vary depending on the option you choose.

What Greenlight Final Expenses from Old Mutual has to offer:

  • You can purchase the cover for yourself from R50 000 to R100 000, your spouse from R5 000 to R30 000 and your children from R5 000 to R30 000. For up to four members of extended family members, you can buy cover from R5 000 to R15 000
  • Old Mutual aims to pay out your money within 48 hours once they have all the relevant documentation in hand
  • By taking out Greenlight Final Expenses Benefit, you are sponsoring cover for the family. That means your spouse, your children and your extended family members won’t need first to enrol by having medical tests and doctor’s visits
  • Immediate cover is yours up to 30 days before you start to pay the first premium. Should you have a valid claim during this time, those beneficiaries you have sponsored will receive full cover amounts
  • HIV/Aids positive people can also benefit from Old Mutual Greenlight Final claims
  • Greenlight Final Expenses will protect you when you are no longer able to work or just do your normal daily activities. If you have been injured or are ill, it assists you in covering the costs of serious illnesses or injury. It will also help if you are retrenched by your company; protecting you even in the future against un-insurability
  • Should you be the owner of a business, Old Mutual Greenlight will protect this business against any potential risk. It will ensure continuity of your business in the event of disability, illness or death.

Why Old Mutual Greenlight Benefit is Right for You

Greenlight will underwrite and carefully and thoroughly analyse risk so that your benefit is priced accurately. Old Mutual Greenlight realises just how important it is for people to take care of the precious things in life. They want to offer protection against serious loss. Old Mutual Greenlight’s philosophy is to do just that – to ‘Celebrate Life” by taking care of it for you and saving you stress.


With the Old Mutual Greenlight Final Expenses benefit – they ensure all the years of your life. They realise that you, the policy holder, needs to take care of important and cherished things in your life, and that with the Old Mutual Greenlight Final Expenses benefits, you will be able to get on with life with peace of mind.

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All info was correct at time of publishing