Ways to Find Family Tree Records Easily

Headstone inscriptions may well be a source of birth and death information on people. But when you’re looking for records of your family’s lineage this is going to be far from adequate. There are organizations that specialise in genealogy that can help.

The Internet is also an awesome source of information, especially when you look up genealogy websites. Sometimes a family member will be in touch with you, requesting you to look for old photographs, family heirlooms and papers that can help them with making a family tree. They collect all the information they can, entering it in a family tree chart.

You’ve Got to Dig Deep for Family Records

Most modern day funeral homes accommodate genealogists in their search for relatives’ records. You may have discovered that the funeral home is no longer in business, and then some research may be necessary to find out the new name of the funeral home. Even if you can’t track down what happened to a funeral home online, there are other ways and means to glean information such as historical societies or libraries.

Digging Into your Family’s Lineage

Ways to Find Family Tree Records

Hunting for information on your family tree can be exceptionally exciting as your probes take you deeper and deeper into your family’s history. There are lots of tools and also databases that the Internet provides to find facts on your family.

Online cemetery transcriptions are another useful resource for information on your family. It is unbelievable to think that volunteers from around the world have actually gone through thousands of cemeteries and have posted names and dates for people searching for information.

Check out some of the big cemeteries too because these days they provide their own online index to burials. There are even people who have written books, providing tips and information to assist you in the researching of funeral homes and cemeteries.

Basic to Comprehensive Information

Records to research family trees will vary with the funeral homes but essentially they provide details on the date of birth and death, where the person died and some basic information about their surviving relatives and the place of burial or cremation. Some of the more modern funeral home records may be a bit more comprehensive and include details about parentage and occupation. You may even be fortunate to find notes regarding the funeral service and other interesting information.

Some people become despondent when they can’t get hold of family-tree information. Funeral homes are privately-owned business so this means they aren’t obligated to provide information from their registers. There are directors however, who will be willing to share information in response to an inquiry. Don’t let time, inconvenience and even expense put you off examining different resources.

A Journey of Discovery

Cemeteries and funeral homes are a wealth of useful information for those looking up their family lineage. To find the name of the funeral home that handled the funeral of an ancestor, first check the death certificate, as it gives the name and city of the funeral home, and this is an excellent place to start on your journey of discovery.

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