Tshebedisano Burial Society and Funerals

Many South Africans place a lot of emphasis on having a proper funeral. Often the funeral is an all day event. This is where Tshebedisano Burial Society comes in. People come from far and wide and they turn out to be big, expensive affairs. Many people therefore belong to a burial society, contributing funds to them.

There was a time when burial societies were associated with the elderly but these days many young people join them as well because of AIDS.

Burial societies are able to provide money quickly, and in some instances the members are even eligible for small loans. Burial societies are informal insurance schemes, formed by people so as to cover the costs of a member’s funeral in the event of their death. Members sometimes are required to attend the night vigil and burial of other members who have died. They also assist with the catering of the traditional burial lunch. They play a major role in removing a lot of stress from mourners who can’t face arranging a funeral at a difficult time.

Tshebedisano  – Your Friend in Your Hour of Need

Tshebedisano Funeral Services and Funerals

Located in Soweto, Tshebedisano Burial Society offers their services to Soweto but also much further afield. When a death occurs in and around Soweto and beyond, there are always unlimited decisions to make. By being able to rely on a trusted and reputable funeral service provider, a difficult and emotional time becomes that much easier.
Tshebedisano Burial Society and Funerals were founded in 1998, and the founder member, Pamela Kebine Mtlhabi, has plenty of experience in the working of burial societies, banking as well as funeral management projects.

The services she provides allow the family to make important decisions about burial or cremation in a peaceful and stress-free way. Pamela has also been an executive member in the Funeral Undertakers Association for several years.

Tshebedisano – A One-Stop Service

With so much experience and knowledge, Tshebedisano wants to make sure that they are able to offer their clients a one-stop service. Their clients rely on them to deliver, and that is precisely what they do. It is the reason why so many prominent individuals have called upon them already – they simply want excellent, professional services. One of the funerals Tshebedisano arranged was in 2004 when they conducted the funeral of the father to Basetsana Makgalemele (Khumalo), former Miss South Africa.

Tshebedisano know the Soweto community well and they offer tailored, affordable services which their clients are happy with.

As a Burial Society, some of the services and products include:

●   Hearse and family car.
●   Removal- and care of the deceased.
●   Mortuary facilities.
●   Coffin.
●   Grave equipment.
●   Undertaker services.
●   Arranging the death certificate.
●   Funeral pamphlets on request.
●   Food.
●   Crockery, chairs and tables, tent.

Tshebedisano Burial Society has already served thousands of people, and their massive client base is testimony to their good services – they offer what people want. Pam is widely travelled and has attended conferences where she has picked up additional beneficial knowledge to use in her funeral business.

If you want to give your loved one a decent and dignified funeral why not trust Tshebedisano Burial Society like so many  have already done before you?

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