How To Make Funerals Less Corny And More Memorable

Funerals are serious occasions, but they can also be overly sentimental and even corny.

So how do you ensure the funeral you are organising is not corny at the end of the day?

Funerals are events, so they need to be well planned and executed.

If you are organising a funeral, then ensure that it is the occasion that the deceased person would have wanted.

You must decide whether to have the body cremated or buried.

Also, you have to take a decision on the gathering or wake after the funeral service.

Planning Funerals to Ensure They Are Dignified but not Depressing

Funerals Death is emotive, and it can be tough planning and organising funerals.

And that’s when a person close to you is dying or has recently passed away.

Chances are you’re going to want the very best for the person.

From the coffin you choose to the venues you decide on it is all important.

If you discussed death and dying with the deceased beforehand, you will know his or her wishes. You will know if flowers would be welcome and whether to include eulogies and funeral songs in the service.

There Are Many Ways to Honour and Say Farewell to Departed Friends

Often people ask for donations to a favourite charity, rather than ending up with hundreds of bouquets. That depends on the wishes of the deceased.

Sometimes people ask those attending the funeral to bring bunches of flowers to throw over the coffin (though some might consider this a little corny). Alternatively, you might decide to lay a simple wreath on the coffin.

Then there Is the List of who Should Attend

The question of who should participate needs finalising. Unlike weddings and other parties, you don’t send out invitations to funerals, though by not informing people about the time and place of a funeral will help to ensure that only the people you want there will attend.

Many people like to think that when they die those who loved and cared for them will celebrate their life rather than mourn their death. That might extend to a request to avoid a “corny” funeral where everyone wears black.

Funerals are likely to be a lot less corny or sentimental if people wear bright clothes and consciously remember the good things that happened in this person’s life.

How Funeral Insurance Helps Avoid Corny Funerals

Many people choose to have insurance cover for funerals so they don’t have to worry about money when a loved one dies. While it won’t necessarily prevent the event becoming corny, it will certainly give you a lot more control regarding organisation and planning.

And if you organise carefully, without the added stress of financial worries, you can ensure that the funeral runs smoothly, according to plan.

Many of the large companies that offer medical aid and hospital policies, including Liberty and Momentum, also offer insurance plans for funerals. The banks, including Standard and First National Bank, also have funeral plans.

We can’t usually anticipate death, but we can plan funerals well so they are not exceptionally corny.

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