Attend Overseas Funerals with Funeral Webcasting

Funeral Webcasting is a reality with today’s technology. It means that family and friends living in other parts of the world are no longer isolated from us.

With the growth of the internet and technology we can now chat to people overseas and attend events with our family as though they were in the next town.

A webcam facility enables family and friends who can’t attend a far-away funeral service to watch it live.

The funeral industry has adapted to this new trend. It is making full use of the latest technology tools.

Today when someone loses a loved one abroad if you aren’t able to travel you can still participate using technology.

A webcam brings the service into your home

Funeral Webcasting

Webcasting companies even offer packages to funeral homes and these packages include for hire or purchase

  • cameras
  • tripods
  • microphones
  • cables
  • cords.


Today these funeral ceremonies can be webcast to iPods too.

Funeral webcasting allows funeral directors to make footage of the service. This is then mad available for 30 days on their website.

Webcasting and Videotaping Services Part of the Deal

Funeral directors know that they have to compete in a competitive industry. They organise the funeral giving families what they want.  Today they provide copies of the funeral service on DVD. These DVDs can then be sent to family and friends.

For even more personalisation funeral webcasting allows a live feed to be sent via the internet to people who can’t be there. The viewers are linked to a private website and are able to take part virtually in the celebration of life.

The funeral director does all the setting up of the webcam so that their grieving customers can attend their loved one’s funeral. They install a webcasting facility allowing people to view the funeral service by way of a secure web link.

Each webcast has its own secure password which is given to other family and friends who want to watch.

The cost of these fantastic services vary, depending on whether the funeral director has their own chapel for instance or whether they have to pay the City Council for filming on their premises.

Viewing of Funeral Webcasting is available for a Month

  • Funeral webcasting broadcasts live audio and video in real-time to people all over the world via the internet.
  • Making use of streaming media, there is also no need to download the content before viewing.
  • A webcast can be distributed live or on demand, taking a single content source and distributing it to many viewers.

Don’t Let Distance Deter You – Attend and Participate

Funeral webcasting is offered by funeral homes as a practical solution for a grieving family to attend and participate in a funeral that they were unable to attend. The benefits of funeral webcasting are for those who are scattered across the globe and who can’t make it because of the distances.

The 21st century is hectic. People are pressed for time. Most people don’t have the financial means to travel across the world to attend a funeral they would love to attend. With funeral webcasting mourners can still take part in the experience without the time constraints and expense of a long-distance trip.

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