Funeral Questions Answered

When the dreaded hour of death comes, many people have funeral questions and don’t want to approach a Funeral Director to have them answered. They feel as though they have brain fog and that they will never be able to remember the answers the funeral director will provide.

Here are just some funeral questions answered –

● We’re Going away on Holiday – what happens when death occurs away from Home?

Phone your funeral director who will arrange transportation of the deceased back to the funeral home.

● How else can a Funeral Director be of Help to me?

·    arrange death certificates and documentation
·   embalm the body if you want and prepare the body for viewing
·    assist with all funeral arrangements – buying of coffin, cemetery plot
·    advise on different funeral types – burial, cremation, green-funeral etc
·    provide grief assistance to the bereaved

●  Can I choose the Funeral I Like?

Funeral Questions Answered

Absolutely – nothing is set in stone. Modern funeral homes and directors cater for all kinds of people, beliefs and traditions. Christians  and non-Christians are catered for and the funeral director respects your wishes. There are simply many possibilities.

●  If I go to a Funeral, how do I express my Condolences?

Most people are at a loss for words. The Internet gives lots of tips on what to say to the bereaved. Some ideas to start with are –  ‘I’m so sorry to hear the sad news – my deepest sympathy’. If you feel awkward about hugging the person you’re offering your condolences too, don’t stress.

A light, reassuring touch for someone on the arm or shoulder is more than enough, and if its for a person who shrinks away from physical contact, such a quick touch won’t cause discomfort.

●  How much will a Funeral Cost?

These are important funeral questions. Cremations are cheaper than burials. Some people choose coffins made from expensive woods and finishes which cost over R15 000 while others choose a simple biodegradable coffin of less than R500.

Some people choose expensive features and accessories while others choose a simple memorial service with no celebratory tea or lunch afterwards. You’ve got lots of options that are worth researching.

●  What is Embalming and is it Necessary?

It isn’t mandatory. It simply preserves a dead body, giving it a serene appearance. Bodily fluids are removed and then replaced with formaldehyde-based chemical solutions.

●   What is a Viewing and Must we Have one?

No, its your choice. Traditionally, it takes place the day before the funeral. Most times the deceased is embalmed and lies in an open casket for people to view and offer their condolences and farewells.

●   Must Black be worn to a Funeral?

No it’s not necessary but you can if you like. Black always looks attractive and appropriate, but other colours are also suitable. The idea is to dress in such a way that you aren’t offensive and that you show respect to the family of the deceased. Smart casual wear such as pants, shirts, jackets and skirts in colours which aren’t raucous are more than sufficient.

Today’s Funerals are Celebratory

Funerals have certainly changed a lot in the 21st century, and there are so many ways and means to have a funeral and to make it very individual. These funeral questions and answers can help you see that nothing is rigid and set in stone. It’s precisely what makes funerals of today so much more celebratory than the heavy, dismal affairs of yesteryear.

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