Old Mutual Funeral Plan Details

An Old Mutual Funeral Plan is designed to help people who are considering their funeral options. Death is no longer a morbid experience. With so many funeral options available they are far more light-hearted and celebratory.

Old Mutual has kept up with changing trends, and they offer their customers several different options. What’s more their website also offers useful information on their funeral plans. Also there is information in the  ‘About Us’ section which provides some information on the Old Mutual Group.

Nobody can Complain About Such Low Premiums

The Old Mutual Funeral Plan Range is affordable. Nobody can complain about the low premiums, and there are funeral plans which start as little as R29 a month, and you don’t even have to undergo any medical tests.

Old Mutual Funeral PlanYou will need to be a permanent resident of South Africa to apply. Not only do you get low, low premiums, Old Mutual also offers their ‘Pay When You Can’ option. That is is simple, cost effective funeral cover.

You don’t even need a bank account. One can pay in cash. You pay a one time fee and enjoy insurance for 14 months. You can include your partner with this plan as well as children up to the age of 21.

Old Mutual Funeral Cover also offers their Burial Society Support Plan – an option for burial societies. This option is designed to provide financial support for co-ops, churches and clubs, etc.

There’s an Old Mutual Funeral Plan for Everyone

Old Mutual offers Standard and Comprehensive Funeral Plans, and these are for everyone – individuals, family plans, parents plan and extended policy. There’s much more to these funeral plans, such as legal and health support, emergency medical response and trauma, assault and HIV treatment.

If you die of natural causes or suicide, Old Mutual will pay an amount equal to the monthly premium. Also, they will pay an amount equal to 3 or 5 current premiums after every 60 premiums paid. If you have any queries about Old Mutual’s different plans and their workings, you can call them at their Communication Centre on 0860 607 000.

The Old Mutual Funeral Plan offers their fantastic Greenlight Final Expenses Benefit range which goes beyond just being the funeral cover because it makes life better in different ways for your entire family.

How Greenlight works

Greenlight will pay a lump sum to use as you wish – funeral costs and short-term debts choose the cover for your whole life or a specified period. One of the perks with Greenlight Final Expenses Benefit is that you get covered immediately for up to 30 days before you pay your first premium. It is also available to HIV-positive customers.

  • You can buy the cover for yourself from R50 000 to R100 000.
  • Your spouse from R5 000 to R30 000.
  • Your children from R5 000 to R30 000.
  • Up to four members of extended family members from R5 000 to R15 000.

The Old Mutual Funeral plan offers some amazing benefits

Old Mutual is one of South Africa’s oldest and largest providers of financial services, and apart from their Greenlight option they offer Individual, Family or Parent cover. The difference between these three plans is that the Individual- and Parent policies have a maximum coverage of R10,000.

The Family policy on the other hand has a maximum coverage of R5,000. Unfortunately, we could find no more information about what makes these policies different or which may be best for certain kinds of customers. offering some awesome features such as – :

●   Cash back benefit – cash back bonus after 60 premiums.
●   Start Again Benefit – you can restart a cancelled policy under certain conditions.
●   Telephonic advice about health matters, HIV counselling etc.

Old Mutual – a Name you’ve Grown up with

The years come and go and still the Old Mutual Funeral Plan is a stalwart in the insurance industry. Their funeral products cater for the entire rainbow nation with their diverse needs.

Highlights include:

  • Payments made in 48 hours.
  • No medical testsl
  • Cover from R29 a month.

Why aren’t you putting yourself in the hands of a stable insurance provider who has your funeral requirements at heart?

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