Pep Burial Plan a Real Option

Three short years ago, the quality insurance company Hollard got together with fashion retailer PEP. The plan was to provide a PEP burial plan to the South African market.

For Hollard, this strategic partnership provides them with 1,500 now outlets through PEP stores for their financial products.

Hollard was already largest provider in South Africa. So Hollard could increase their reach and market share without having to hire staff and extend their branch network.

The move is also good for South Africans as it provides them with funeral services insurance that is easy to find and join.

Spend a Few Extra Minutes When Shopping for Clothes and Sign Up for Life

Pep Burial PlanWhen you shop for clothes, just a few extra minutes means that you can also sign up for this important cover and easily save to meet funeral costs which can be quite significant.

It’s not only finding and signing up that this new arrangement makes easy. Once you are a policy holder, you can make monthly premiums for your PEP funeral cover when you shop at your nearest PEP store. There are PEP branches in almost every village and town in South Africa so you can pay wherever you are.

This method of payment also means you don’t need to have a bank account to make premium payments.

Pep Burial Plan Special First Month Premium Deal

When subscribers sign up for PEP funeral cover, there is a pleasant surprise waiting for them in their sign-up package the first month’s policy is free!

During those 30 days, you can choose to leave the policy if you wish. The PEP funeral policy is also distinguished because it starts immediately. There are no lengthy medical examinations for you to undergo before PEP activates your policy.

You simply need to be below 65 years of age and a South African national to get PEP funeral cover.

PEP has Been Around for a Long Time

PEP has known the clothing market for a long while. Starting as a single shop in 1965 it grew into a chain of stores that aims to offer quality clothes at affordable process to South Africans of all ages. The full range of clothes supplements a great selection of footwear.

Shoes for adults and children and recently added ranges of home cleaning materials and beauty products are now complemented even further by funeral care products. There are six different plans, all by Hollard, one of the leading companies in the financial services sector.

The Hollard partnership with PEP is a good example of the ways Hollard use to extend their services and make products available to a range of customers.

What Payouts Does PEP Funeral Cover Provide

It was reported that a PEP burial plan cover was not for all South Africans, just for a tailored section of the community. It was felt that the product was aimed at households earning an income of R3,800 a month but low premiums, sometimes as low as R27 monthly contradict this view. Death benefits extend between R2,500 and R12,500 from PEP cover.

Next time you shop in a PEP store, put a PEP burial plan on your shopping list.


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All info was correct at time of publishing