Assupol Excellence Family Funeral Plan

It is a good idea to start planning for your family’s future now. That’s because you do not know what the future holds, Assupol excellence is an excellent place to start.

A sudden catastrophe can leave you helpless with your family wondering where to turn.

Assupol has great plans available to offer you for these times ahead.

The Assupol Absolute Advantage Funeral Plan is available for singles or families. The other one is called the Assupol Excellence Family Plan benefit.

Assupol Excellence – an Excellent cover Whichever way You look at It

You won’t find a lot of a difference between these two, as they offer the same kind of coverage. However, the Advantage Plan does not make mention of any need to acquire medical information from you. But the Assupol Excellence Family plan does.

Should you wish to take out the Excellence Family Funeral plan, whether you are a single person or whether you are a family person with children, you will get coverage.

The maximum coverage on the  Assupol Excellence funeral plan is R50 000. You have cover for accidental death as well as natural death.

If your death is an accidental one, your family can expect an immediate payout.

If you pass away from natural causes, your family or your beneficiary will wait for a period of about 6 months before the payout.

Take Extra cover and You can take Advantage of some Extra benefits

With the Excellence Family Funeral Plan, you can pay in extra on the insurance to take advantage of some extra bAssupol excellenceenefits. Benefits that you will receive on paying the extra premium are:

  • You may add any family members who are not over the age of 79
  • After your death, your family can receive an income every month for up to 6 months
  • If it was an accidental death, an option makes a double-pay pay-out available
  • There is an option called Guaranteed Cash Back where you benefit from getting cash back every four years even if you have made a claim
  • An option called Premium Waiver allows your family insurance after your death, with no premiums payable.

With the Assupol Excellence Family Funeral Plan, there are no questions around your medical conditions, and you won’t undergo any medical examination.

Children have whole life cover. This is an important factor as other insurance companies allow coverage to expire once the child turns 21. You can include your parents or your parents-in-law on your Assupol Excellence funeral plan.

Assupol ExcellenceHave peace of mind for the future

With the Assupol Excellence Family Funeral Plan, you need to pay as little as around R70 a month. For that, you will get a dignified funeral. When a policy holder does pass on, claims are paid out within 48 hours.

Assupol not only offers funeral cover, but they offer life insurance and also a variety of savings plans and retirement plans. Assupol have been providing insurance and well as savings solutions since 1913 in South Africa.

You can rest assured that your premium fee of R70 a month is a worthwhile investment to make, ensuring that your loved ones are well taken care of when you will not be able to.

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