Metropolitan Funeral Plan – the only plan you’ll ever need

A Metropolitan funeral plan is a product of Metropolitan Life. This insurance giant has been a leader in the South African insurance industry for more than a century. It has won over citizens with its solid reputation, experience and tailor-made products that match varying needs.

No wonder Metropolitan is ranked among the country’s top four insurance providers. Giving a loved one a dignified funeral can be a costly affair.

This is why a Metropolitan funeral plan gets straight to the heart of the matter. The company gives the beneficiary a cash lump sum to cater for all the expenses involved. Besides cash for organising a proper funeral there are additional benefits that come with the policy.

Metropolitan Funeral PlanAdditional benefits from Metropolitan funeral plan

Paid-up Benefit. This allows you to enjoy the funeral cover even when you are unable to continue contributing after your retirement. Even after your death as the policyholder, your family can still profit from this benefit.

Accidental Death Benefit. If you as the policyholder or any member of your immediate family (spouse or child) dies from an accident, a lump sum of up to R30,000 will be paid out to the beneficiaries. The only condition is that the beneficiary has to be between 13 and 65 years of age.

Cash Back Benefit. With this the policyholder gets a certain amount of cash based on the premiums they have been contributing for a predetermined period of time.

Survival Benefit. If the policyholder lives up to 65 years and has kept their policy active, they will get a cash payment of up to R50,000.

Shopping Benefit. This policy is coupled with the Paid-up Benefit and therefore only policy holders whose policy includes that benefit will be eligible for the Shopping Benefit. On top of the policy continuing after the death of the insured, the surviving beneficiaries will receive a maximum of R18,000 extra to cater for shopping expenses.

iNkomo Benefit. This means the ‘cow benefit’ when translated directly and is an extra benefit that can be taken by itself without subscribing for other kinds of benefits. The beneficiary will get an extra R18,000 to spend on whichever expense they wish.

Tombstone Benefit. This is another of the benefits that can be taken as a stand-alone. As the name suggests, the policy affords the beneficiary an additional sum (up to R15,000) which they can use to purchase a tombstone.

Payout within 48 hours with Metropolitan funeral plan

What will be most comforting to policy holders though is to know that they will have their payout within 48 hours of presenting all relevant documentation.

Metropolitan’s size and huge pool of funds allows the firm to cater to claims without hassle. Another attractive aspect of this policy is that it does not require policy holders to undergo any prior medical examinations.


Depending on the kind of cover you have subscribed for, your beneficiary will get a payout of between R5,000 and R50,000 in the event of death. And the cover is not limited to the insured; you can get a funeral cover that includes your spouse and child/children as well as your extended family.

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