Funeral Policy Benefits When the Time Comes

Death comes to us all. That is one certainty in life. One wonders why there are so few people planning for funerals or examining funeral policy benefits the same way they do for other life-changing events.

When one has to plan a funeral after the death of a loved one, it is at a time when emotional stress and grief is at its worst.

The last burden one would want to place on anyone’s shoulders at this time would be that of providing a decent funeral with little or no money to do so. And funerals these days can become costly affairs.

The Relief of Having Funeral Policy Benefits in Place

  • It makes the first 24 hours after death a lot easier for the family.
  • The family won’t have the financial burden of planning a funeral with limited resources.
  • One’s particular policy can have pay-out benefits that exactly meets the needs of the family left behind.
  • The family has the opportunity to celebrate the life of the deceased, without the worries of Funeral Policy Benefits from Assupolfinancial constraints caused by a limited budget.
  • A policy can also be specially tailored to meet ones cultural needs.
  • Pay-out in the form of a cash lump sum is paid out within 48 hours of death.
  • Low monthly premiums while alive make funerals more affordable, especially if inflation is taken into account.
  • It gives peace of mind to both the insured and the family, as one considers death.
  • Even a senior citizen up to the age of 80 can take out a funeral plan.
  • If the funeral costs are less than the amount paid out, the rest of the money can be used for other family needs – groceries, school fees etc.
  • In the case of accidental death, the pay-out is usually doubled. This is very useful in the case of a sole breadwinner who has suddenly been taken from the family.
  • The family will know the preferences of the deceased, with regards to burial or cremation, whether to have a memorial service, organ donation, coffin type and other preferences.

A good funeral has a psychological benefit of giving closure. It also has social and emotional benefits of honouring the life of the deceased. It is pleasing when the final wishes of the loved one have been followed.

Funeral Policy Benefits for Those Left Behind

With a funeral policy in place, those left behind know also that the deceased cared enough. He or she was considerate enough to ensure that a funeral plan would pay for all the funeral arrangements.

Depending on the cover, the funeral policy can continue to care for the family when the deceased has gone. The family wont have to take out bank loans, raid savings accounts, or sell assets to raise money for the funeral.

Rational decisions can be planned and arranged well ahead of the time, without all the frantic urgency that inevitable accompanies death. Planning ahead also prevents emotional over-spending.

Funeral Plans Need to be Made Legal

In conclusion,  the advantages of having a funeral policy in place when the time comes are obvious. Maybe there should be laws about it.

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