Funny Epitaphs on Gravestones

Funny Epitaphs on Gravestones serve as a reminder as to the character of the person buried there. Many people just can’t accept that each of us, as we age, are slipping away, unnoticed into obsolescence.

To get noticed, instead of the regular epitaphs on gravestones, they plan ahead and provide their family and friends with ideas for what they want on their tombstones.

Some are sad, some pathetic, some profound and some are funny – all revealing a little about the character of the person lying below the earth.

Some of the funny epitaphs on gravestones that actually exist 

Funny Epitaphs

Celebrities are also well known for leaving weird epitaphs on their gravestones which reflect who they are. Here is a short  list  –

I may be gone but Rock and Roll lives onJohn Belushi
I am ready to meet my Maker, whether he is prepared to meet me is another matter –Winston Churchill
She did it the hard wayBette Davis
The best is yet to come – Frank Sinatra

How do you want to be remembered when you die? What sums up the way you saw yourself or how you perceived life to be?

In a sea of tombstones, there are are some who hope that by putting funny epitaphs on their headstones, they’ll be better remembered. What feelings go through your mind when you read what’s on a headstone? Irritation, pity, humour or derision?

Choose Your Words Carefully

Every cemetery is fascinating – some are foreboding and forlorn while others are light and welcoming. Each one has a mix of tombstones with messages and funny epitaphs portraying the personalities of the different people buried there.

You’ll see many amazing headstone inscriptions in your city’s cemeteries, but funny ones don’t work for everyone. Whatever you’re wanting, there are thousands of creative ideas on the Internet.

If you have a certain saying for your gravestone that you want to be remembered by, then write it down now and give it to your family before you die. If you leave it up to someone else, what they put on your tombstone may well make you turn in your grave.

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