Funeral Plans from Old Mutual

Old Mutual is one of the older hands in the global insurance industry. Funeral plans from Old Mutual represent decades of experience in the market. This is reflected in the range of products they have in terms of funeral plans.

Old Mutual caters for everyone from single individuals, families and extended families to single parents. With this variety on offer, anyone interested can choose the product that will best suit their needs and their budget.

Your choice of Old Mutual funeral plan may also be determined by the enticing policy benefits and additional benefits that they have attached.

The three main types of funeral plans Old Mutual offers are the Care Plan, the Standard Plan and the Comprehensive+ Plan.

Funeral Plans from Old Mutual – Care Plan

This is the mFuneral Plans from Old Mutualost basic type of funeral cover available from Old Mutual and is therefore the most affordable. Premiums for this cover start from R31 per month and for this you will get a payout of up to R50,000 in case of death. In addition to the cash you will also benefit from an immediate Accidental Death cover. The cover also comes with a money back guarantee in that if the beneficiary dies within six months of taking up the cover, they will receive a benefit equal to the sum of their premiums so far.

There is a feature in the plan called ‘Premium Holiday’ that allows the policyholder to skip up to six premiums over the life of the policy without having it rendered inactive. And if you should stop the policy for a period of time and wish to activate it again, you can do so under certain conditions. This and the money back features apply to the Standard and Comprehensive+ Plans as well.

Additional benefits offered in this plan that equally apply to the other two plans include the Health and Wellbeing package that offers the family physical and emotional support during that difficult time. There is Funeral Support to help with the arrangement and execution of the funeral as well as Education Support to help children with their schoolwork. The Legal Wellness feature offers a helpline for legal matters should the family of the deceased need it and Financial Wellness does the same in regards to helping the family in money matters.

Funeral Plans from Old Mutual – Standard Plan

All the benefits that are available to holders of the Care Plan policy apply to Standard Plan policyholders. In addition to those there is a Cash Back benefit for every 36 premiums paid which amounts to twice the amount of the last premium. If the insured is found to have a terminal illness that will lead to their death within a year, they will immediately get half the amount of the cover if they have a Standard or Comprehensive+ Plan. For this policyholders pay a monthly premium of R38.

Old Mutual Funeral Plans


Funeral Plans from Old Mutual – Comprehensive+ Plan

This is the most expensive of the three Old Mutual funeral cover plans and so naturally offers the most benefits. In addition to the features in the Care and Standard Plans, this plan offers to pay double the payout if the insured dies from an accident. It also has the Retirement Paid-Up Benefit which covers the insured even while they have retired and cannot keep paying premiums.

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