Liberty Life Funeral Cover Information

Founded almost 60 years ago by Sir Donald Gordon, Liberty has grown into one of South Africa’s biggest players in the insurance industry. Liberty Life funeral cover is a leader in the industry.

The company has gone on to establish a presence in several African countries, making it a pan-African force as well.

Besides a variety of insurance products, Liberty has a diverse portfolio of investment and asset management products. Even while raking in profits from its various arms, Liberty has invested heavily in education as part of its CSR initiative.

Liberty has also proved that it cares for the population it serves by developing a range of products that meets the needs of people of varying income groups. Liberty Life has three main products in its funeral portfolio:

Liberty Life Funeral Cover – Burial Plan

Burial Plan: This is the most basic of Liberty’s funeral range. In the event of death, the beneficiary receives an agreed lump sum to cater for expenses related to the planning and execution of the funeral. The lump sum is pegged at R30,000 for this package and this for a minimum monthly premium of R43. The lump sum will be given if the insured, his/her spouse Liberty Life Funeral Coveror either of up to eight children pass away. The parents of the insured as well as a maximum of eight extended family members are covered by this policy as well.

On top of the lump sum there is the 24-hour Funeral Assist benefit that comes with this cover. Contained in the Funeral Assist package are a legal and will assistance helpline, a HIV accidental exposure and trauma helpline and an emergency medical evacuation programme. If the body is located more than 100km from the place of burial (but within South Africa) you can take advantage of the transport service that’s part of the Funeral Assist.

Liberty Life Funeral Cover – Standard Funeral Plan

Standard Funeral Plan: With this plan from Liberty you will be required to pay a monthly premium of R50. Like the basic plan it covers the insured, their spouse, their children, their parents as well as chosen members of their extended family. In case you or your spouse die, a lump sum of R75,000 will be accorded to your beneficiaries. If any of your children or parents die, you will receive R50,000. For extended family members the lump sum is R30,000.

Besides the increased payout, the Standard Funeral Plan offers additional benefits like the option to skip one premium every year without losing the cover. There is also a cash-back feature that awards policyholders a cash lump sum equivalent to five premiums after every five years.

Liberty Life Funeral Cover – Comprehensive

Comprehensive Funeral Plan: Like the above two plans, this option covers the insured, their immediate family, their parents and chosen members of the extended family. The amount of the payout in case of death of the insured or their spouse however is R100,000. A double accident cover is offered for the insured and their spouse with this package. Another added bonus is the feature that continues to cover dependents of the insured in case they die before the age of 65 without them having to contribute premiums.

For all the packages Liberty promises to have the payout ready within 48 hours of receiving all required documentation.

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