Avbob Funeral Service Assistance

Avbob funeral service should be on your list when looking for a service provider. In South Africa and it can be difficult to choose the right partner for this crucial service.

Avbob has been in this field for a long time. Over the years the company has worked out the requirements of the market and developed services that are tailor-made for different needs. They also offer funeral insurance policies.

The expansion of Avbob into over 150 branches across the country is testament to the demand for Avbob Funeral Service assistance. This in turn reflects the trust South Africans have in their products. You will find a plan to suit any requirement you may have.

Avbob Funeral ServiceAvbob Funeral Service Assistance

One way that Avbob has distinguished itself from the competition is the individualised care they offer clients. The company goes way beyond just processing a claim or holding a funeral.

Avbob helps the policyholder take care of every step of the journey in giving the departed loved one a decent farewell. They link you up with one of their experienced undertakers to help you make all necessary arrangements for the funeral.

Whether you choose to make the arrangements at the funeral home or at your own home, you are assured of this assistance.

Assistance from Start to Finish

Avbob will also lend a hand in securing a death certificate from the hospital or doctor in charge where the deceased died from an illness. After the certificate has been issued and the body transferred to a mortuary Avbob will further assist by dispatching a representative to help you with some important decisions.

Among these decisions are:

  • Whether to bury or cremate.
  • The type of coffin to be used.
  • The time of day to perform the burial.
  • Who will prepare the eulogy.
  • Which flowers are best for the occasion.
  • Whether to place a notice of death in the media.
  • Which newspaper to place the notice in etc.


Avbob Funeral Products

Besides offering consultation services to the bereaved policyholder and their family, Avbob also offers a range of products that are useful in conducting a funeral and burial.

If you don’t have a casket or coffin for the body you can look at Avbob’s range of caskets and coffins. You are sure to find something to suit your needs and tastes their collection.

The firm also offers those who have lost loved ones a selection of tastefully designed tombstones.

  • These tombstones are made mostly from granite.
  • They are aesthetically appealing by being embedded with a variety of gemstones.
  • You can get your loved one a tombstone with onyx, diamond or Tanzanite.


Avbob Funeral Service Assistance – Additional Services

Avbob offers specialised services pertaining to the funeral process. These include:

  • Registration of the death.
  • Use of their chapels for memorial services.
  • After-funeral catering.
  • Cars for family transportation.
  • Chairs and tents.
  • Fresh flowers.

In addition: If you are a policyholder you will get a free basic funeral if your policy has been active for at least two years. Free transport for the body is also provided within South Africa.

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