Sanlam Funeral Policies and Plans

Sanlam funeral policies are just one of the products offered by this industry giant. Sanlam has been in the business of giving South Africans wealth creation and protection for close to a century now.

Guided by a clear vision and a set of entrenched values, Sanlam has transformed itself from a traditional insurer to an international financial service provider serving countries across Africa and Asia.

Part of the range of Sanlam funeral policies on offer is an array of affordable funeral plans designed to help citizens of varying incomes give their departed loved ones a dignified sendoff.

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Sanlam funeral policiesTwo Main Sanlam Funeral Policies

iCover Family Funeral Plan

This is without a doubt one of the most affordable insurance plans in the country at the moment. With premiums starting at just R25 per month, no one can have an excuse for not having a policy.

The holder of an iCover Family Funeral Plan, or the beneficiaries they elect, will get a payout of R40,000 in the event that they or any of their family members pass away.

While the policy will pay out the agreed amount in the event of death, there are certain circumstances under which the plan will not compensate the insured.

First 12 months. Unless in the event of accidental death, the insured will not be compensated if death occurs within the first 12 months of the policy. The cover becomes active for natural death only after the first full year of the policy.

Should you add a family member to the policy, you will have to wait 12 months for them to be eligible for compensation in the event of death.

Cause of death. There are some cases that will not be covered by the policy and these include death by radioactivity or nuclear explosion or by war or an invasion. In the event of suicide, the insured will only be compensated if it occurred after the policy had been effect for the past 24 months.

Compensation will also not be given if death was caused by intentional harm brought upon oneself or if the deceased deliberately exposed themselves to danger.

MyChoice Funeral Plan

  • This plan includes a range of three plans that are aimed at giving the policyholder the freedom to choose a policy that suits their needs and budget.
  • Premiums for these policies start from R80 depending on the benefits you want to enjoy. The three plans under MyChoice are Traditional, Priority and Tribute and their benefits are below:
  • A pre-determined payout in case any of the members of your immediate family dies. Your parents and members of the extended family can be included in this cover.
  • In addition to the lump sum payout the deceased will be transported to any location within South Africa for free. This is the Burial Repatriation Benefit.
  • The Unemployment and Pregnancy Payment Holiday allows you to continue enjoying the cover for 12 months without paying premiums in the event you cannot earn due to any of the above reasons.


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