Funeral For an Infant

Arranging a Funeral for an infant is heartbreaking to deal with as children bear the hopes and aspirations of their parents but when they pass away prematurely, the worry of a lost legacy is added to the pain of grief.

While dealing with the loss of a loved one is incredibly difficult, the death of a child is twice as hard to bear.

Many parents who have experienced the death of a child admit to feeling empty for weeks afterward as they wonder why it happened to them. For this reason many of them will be reluctant to be involved in the making of funeral arrangements.

But if they think about it they will realize the importance of having their say in the final journey of their child and exercising the final opportunity to do something for them.

Funeral For An InfantDo you have to have a Funeral for an Infant?

Is it mandatory to have a funeral for a baby who died? The law requires that if a baby has undergone at least 26 weeks of gestation it must be buried or cremated, whether it was stillborn or died shortly after birth.

This is not a legal requirement if the baby was a stillborn and had undergone less than 26 weeks of gestation. However, it is still a good idea to hold a burial or cremation ceremony in order to bring the short life of the baby to a fitting end.

In such cases the hospital makes the required arrangements as there is no need for such documents as the death certificate.

Why a funeral for an Infant is a good idea

Having a funeral for an infant allows you as the parent to fully express your grief over the loss of your child as well as honour your lost baby.

It is the moment when it finally dawns on many parents that their baby is gone and the time has come to open their hearts and grieve.

Organising this ceremony allows them to express their sorrow and find comfort in the company of the people who care for them. It is a time when they can finally let go of their baby and move on with life.

Depending on the religion the parents subscribe to, the funeral is when they can observe the pertinent rituals and customs that signify transition to life beyond the grave.

When thinking about the kind of send-off they want to give their departed child mum and dad will have two options available; To go it alone or to use the services of a funeral planner.

A number of benefits accompany the latter option including:

  • A variety of funeral presentation options that will make the occasion memorable for the parents and other attendees.
  • Some may include counseling sessions for the parents as part of the package. This will help ease the burden of grief from the parents.
  • Some have special rooms decorated like n
  • The expertise of a funeral director to help guide them in making wise, cost-effective decisions concerning the funeral.
  • Nurseries in which the parents can spend time with their baby and also bath and dress them for their final journey.

Parents must feel comfortable whatever course they choose to take – leave it in the hands of a professional or in the loving, caring hands of someone who truly loved them.

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