African Bank Funeral Cover Promises Low Premiums

African bank funeral cover knows that the death of a beloved family member can bring on tremendous grief. You must realise that you now live in a world where that person is no longer present.

Grief brings with it a host of different feelings that you wish would just disappear. You can expect to feel confusion, depression, sadness and different physical responses.

You can expect feelings of heaviness across your chest, and you may sleep less than you used to and you might experience frightening nightmares. Getting an African Bank funeral cover quote and signing up for a burial plan could help ease the pain and uncertainty about finding money to bury the deceased.

A Deserved Final Send-Off for a Beloved family Member

Having funeral cover in place, you can sleep easier and have fewer nightmares. You know that your beloved family member will at least get the send off they rightfully deserve.

With African Bank Funeral Cover, you can at least be confident that you have funeral cover from service providers who say ‘we keep our promises’. Their mission is to simply improve the quality of life for South Africans by offering affordable, convenient funeral cover.

They invite you to get the cover with them and promises to pay out approved claims within 24 hours. TheAfrican Bank Funeral Covery promise their clients that if they don’t pay out with this 24 hour deadline, they we pay you double.

Currently African Bank Funeral Cover options include different plans to suit your pocket. For instance for a main member only you can take your pick between making a R35 a month contribution for which you will receive R10 000 rand payout.

For R55 you will benefit from a payout of R20 000. Another options if for a family. For the main member, a spouse and maximum 8 children you can pay either R69 and receive a payout of R10 000 or you can pay a premium of R177 a month and receive a payout of R30 000. There are also other options in between these.

African Bank Funeral Cover Providers you can Trust

African Bank Funeral CoverYou don’t want a sad, trying time of your life to have additional difficulties such as not knowing where to find the cash to provide a decent funeral for your family member.

With African Bank Funeral Cover you get a funeral plan from providers you can trust –

  • You need not have a medical examination
  • Cover for children and extended family, plus additional spouses
  • Once the main member dies, the spouse receives continued cover for another 6 months and this service is entirely free
  • Double cover if your claim isn’t paid out within 24 hours
  • Funeral cover for anyone between the ages of 18 and 65
  • Only 4 months waiting period

African Bank Funeral Cover Tailored to Your Needs

African Bank isn’t just a credit provider – they started out as a small commercial bank which grew over the years and today they have become one of the leading financial institutes in South Africa.

They offer tailored products and services to South Africans. African Bank wants to partner with you so that you can get what you need from African Bank funeral cover.

They don’t just offer you funeral cover, but also offer Additional Extended family cover so that your parents, all your spouses, partners, children and even permanent employees have insurance.

To get a complimentary funeral cover quote please complete and send the form on this page

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All info was correct at time of publishing