Write Your Own Will in South Africa

Having quite a bit of money to your name means that you will want to write your own will. That’s so¬† it can be clear what happens to your possessions and your money after you pass away.

When you die, without a will, your assets won’t necessarily pass on to your spouse or child.

Many people think that as a younger person, they don’t need to have a will. But life is cheap in South Africa, and accidents, murders and illness can strike anytime.

Remember too, that even if you don’t have much to leave, you should still write your will, as it ensures that what you DO have will go to your loved one.

Write Your Own Will – Avoid Legal Disputes

Write Your Own WillA will is a legal document that ensures there will be no disputes regarding your final wishes. In South Africa, for your will to be valid, you must follow certain rules, one of these being you need to be 16 and older to write a will.

When you write your own will, make a declaration, using the statement – “I declare that this is my last will”. Afterwards, you will need to make it clear that you are of sound mental health and that the will lays out and expresses your last wishes.

Your signature must appear at the bottom of the will to show that it is valid. You will need to identify yourself on the will to make sure that the will is yours.

Remember, many people have the same name as you, so you need to include identifying information so that your will isn’t confused with that of someone else. All your names, your ID and address must be provided.

When you write your own will, you can print the living will from the Internet and fill it in by hand, or you can opt for the word version which you can edit before you print it and sign it. Once you have filled in all the details as required, this document will serve as your own Living Will.

You can Make Use of a Will-Writing Service

If your will has more than one page, each page will need to have a signature on it. If during the lifetime of your will, you wish to change something on it, you can. This new part added or subtracted from your will is known as a codicil.

If you have a straightforward idea of what you want in your will, you can write your own will. Many people do this to avoid attorney fees. If you haven’t got a clue how to, actually do this, make use of an online writing service.

To write your own will, this writing service will give you a step by step guide how to do this and will even guide you about all the requirements of a will. It is perfectly legal provided you sign and witness the will as these writing-a-will services direct.

They are simple and jargon free and will cost you a small amount. You will receive a just, and this contains your will and testament instructions on how to go about signing and witnessing your will.

Go the Cheap, Legal Route

Writing a will is simple in South Africa. It simply requires filling in the application form and having a professional will sent to you at a much less cost than what you would pay if you went through an attorney.

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