Zororo-Phumulani – New Funeral Plan

Zororo has announced another improvement to Zororo funeral cover plans. A new plan added to their range on 7 March 2016 is now available.

This is the Zororo-Phumulani funeral plan. This plan is for all new and current members who will get a membership card on signing up.

This also applies to any other funeral plan that they might choose from Zororo.

There are many great reasons why a person should consider getting the new funeral plan, Zororo-Phumulani.

ZororoHere are 10 of the most important reasons to choose Zororo:

    1. With this policy you get free repatriation from South Africa to Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania, DRC, Mozambique and Botswana. This option is for not more than 8 people.
    2. The waiting period is shorter on this policy than any other funeral cover policy in South Africa. There is a three month waiting period for natural death and immediate cover for accidental death. Making this a great funeral policy to get.
    3. With this policy you also get a comprehensive funeral service by Doves Zimbabwe to the value of about R30, 000 with tombstone, included. This is for people living in Zimbabwe.
    4. You will get cash for the amount of up to R30 000, and you will get free repatriation to the above mentioned countries.
    5. The beneficiary will be able to receive up to R6,000 “Chema/Inyembezi” and “Nhaka/Ilifa” of up to R15,000.

    6. There is no need to go to their office to apply for this new funeral plan, or any other funeral plan that the company is offering. You can do it in the comfort of your home, online or through the call center.
    7. For the Zimbabweans, the policy will be transferred to Doves Zimbabwe if they are planning to go back to Zimbabwe. Meaning that the policy will still be effective, even if you are living in Zimbabwe.
    8. With this funeral plan, you can even cover your extended family that is still living in Zimbabwe,while you are living in South Africa. Meaning that you will have money for the funeral of any of your extended family that’s still living in Zimbabwe.
    9. There are many different and convenient methods available to make payment for the funeral plan. You can pay per debit order, or you can pay cash at Shoprite, Checkers, Usave, Pick n Pay or Boxers store in South Africa.
    10. The company has been providing different funeral plans since 2012 in South Africa. Making them really trustworthy and reliable.

It is important to know as much about a funeral plan as possible, and if you are considering getting the new Zororo-Phumulani funeral plan then the ten reasons above will convince you.

This is a great funeral plan, with great benefits that can help you over difficult times making your life and your family’s life a little bit easier.

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