Assupol has the Best Funeral Plans in South Africa

The Best Funeral Plans in South Africa are at your fingertips! With the Best Insurer Southern Africa Award for 2015 going to Assupol by Capital Finance International (CFI) you are in good hands.

The awarding of this accolade is more than a recognition of the quality of Assupol’s  products (a part of Assupol Holdings).  It is a recognition of the firm’s contribution to the erasing of the gap between developed and emerging markets.

This award is one which Capital Finance International holds very dear in its analysis of global business, economics and finance,

The readers and subscribers of this publication together with the visitors to its website are the ones who nominate companies to receive the CFI awards.

best funeral plansAssupol Has the best Funeral Plans

Commenting on the receipt of the award, Assupol Life’s CEO Bridget Mokwena-Halala called it an “Enormous achievement” pointing out that the award was a recognition of “the way in which we have endeavoured to deliver on our promises to our clients” The award was an indication of how highly the company’s clients and industry stakeholders regard Assupol’s offerings.

It is also a reflection of the judges’ confidence in Assupol as a service provider that understands the market and addresses its needs comprehensively.

They were impressed by the way the firm offered cover to lower income groups, acknowledging this as a huge contributing factor to Assupol Life’s popularity.

Other aspects of Assupol’s insurance offerings that caught the judges’ attention were the speed in which claims are processed and their helpful and prompt customer service.

Responsive and best funeral plans

Commenting on the added-on benefits of Assupol’s policies, the judges singled out the On-Call Puls Benefit for mention.

They noted that clients could easily and instantaneously activate the service using their mobile phones.

The instant Groceries benefit which is part of the service can be activated within an hour of lodging their claim. This is of great benefit in helping the survivors of the deceased cater for urgent needs including food.

For these reasons and the flexibility the firm has showed in addressing the needs of its clients the judges hailed Assupol as a trendsetter in South Africa’s insurance market.

The firm’s ability to tap into previously underserved sections of the market also contributed to Assupol’s high ranking.

Evidence of this is the way Assupol has evolved from a service provider focused on government to an able insurer for the rest of the populace.

Assupol Transparency

Another highlight that set Assupol apart in the judges’ estimation was the firm’s responsiveness in terms of its customer support. Its round-the-clock telephone support allowed the company’s clients to get the help and counseling they needed whenever they requred.

The transparency Assupol Life has embraced in its processes also pleased the judges. All the conditions and terms of its policies were made easy and straightforward for its clients to enjoy.

The above are the criteria by which the London-based CFI selected Assupol as the best in the offering of life insurance among all other providers in the entire Southern African region.

This will no doubt motivate Assupol Life to continue its customer-focused approach to business in the years to come.

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