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April 12, 2016

Martins Funerals and Cremations are proud of the service they provide for those closest to the deceased.

It is essential to know more about their services before you make any decisions.

It can happen to you at any time. So make sure you know in advance where you can get the best professional assistance in arranging a funeral.

With this in mind choose the funeral home that actively assists you in planning and arranging the funeral or cremation that the deceased deserves – for your family’s peace of mind.

MartinsMartins Funerals

Martins know that arranging and planning a funeral is one of the hardest things that you can do in your life, and it is their mission to try to make the funeral arrangements as painless as possible.

At Martins, they ensure that the advice and the grieving process is as easy as possible. Sometimes people don’t know what to do and don’t know how to go about arranging a funeral.

Martins funeral services will also ensure that you get the guidance and advice to speed up the process.

Funerals are more than just burying your loved one. This is more about a celebration of a life. A life of someone that you loved and that you need to say goodbye to in a fitting manner.

Martins Cremations

Many people are starting to consider cremation. Some might choose this option because of religion, while other people prefer this because it is more affordable and others prefer to avoid the sadness of standing by a grave.

Whatever the reason for the decision on cremation, rather than a burial, Martins funeral services can organize the cremation and the service.

The cremation service will be arranged by your consultant who will make sure that your traditions and beliefs are taken into consideration. The cremation service can be held at any place that you prefer and be customized according to you and your family’s wishes.


Cremation is still new in South Africa and can be a sensitive issue among friends and family. Consultants are there to ensure that everyone has peace of mind before they continue with this option.

No matter if you are going to have a funeral or a cremation service for your loved one, it is still the hardest thing that you will go through in your entire life. Martins are there for you.

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