Switch to Sanlam for a Funeral Plan – Here’s Why

Why you should switch to Sanlam – Sanlam has been in the South African financial services sector for close to a century now having been established in 1918.

The firm started as a simple life insurance provider but has evolved over the years to become a market leader offering services to both local and international markets.

In 1998 the company opened itself to investment from the public by listing on the Johannesburg and Namibia Stock Exchanges.

Sanlam has operations in 10 other African countries as well as in Asia, the US and Europe. A world of expertise that backs up your policy.

Switch to SanlamSwitch to Sanlam for the iCover Family Funeral Plan

To enable South Africans to have all the resources they need to give their loved ones a dignified send off after their death, Sanlam came up with the iCover Family Funeral Plan.

This is to give you a solid enough financial base from which to plan and execute a funeral when death occurs instead of having to start from scratch.

The plan is designed to offer financial support in the event of the policy holder’s death or that of any of their children who are below 21 years of age.

In addition to these people you can add your spouse or members of your extended family by topping up on your premiums.

Signing up for the iCover Family Funeral Plan is simple and quick

One of the things that makes the iCover Family Funeral Plan so attractive is how quick and easy it is to sign up. That’s another reason you should switch to Sanlam.

The entire sign-up procedure is done online beginning with the requesting of a quote. You don’t need to have undergone any prior medical tests and neither will you be subjected to any medical examinations when signing up.

All the information you need to make a decision on the product is provided plainly on the website and you can ask a Sanlam representative to call you in case you need further clarification.

You don’t need a broker to walk you through the finer details of this funeral plan. It is similarly easy to pay your monthly premiums as this can be done via bank EFT, bank debit order or credit card.

Funeral plan benefits

After you sign up you will be entitled to receive a lump sum in the event you or any of the policy’s beneficiaries die.

The money given will cater for both the funeral expenses and the costs which the family will incur in the course of arranging the funeral.

You must be asking what premium you have to pay to enjoy these benefits; the answer is that there is no fixed figure.

Premiums are calculated based on the age of the insured. As the insured moves from one age group to the other, premiums change.

Certain conditions apply!

You cannot get a payout if death occurs within the first 12 months of the policy. Most other funeral insurance products have a maximum waiting time of six months.

But like other plans, compensation will be disbursed immediately the policy becomes active in the event that death is caused by an accident.

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