The Liberty Funeral Plan Range

Funeral plans differ significantly. So check out the costs of funeral plans from the major providers such as the Liberty funeral plan range. You’ve got the choice to pay a lump sum or to pay your funeral plan in instalments.

People appreciate that Liberty has financial products that look out for their future because Liberty is one of the oldest insurance providers in South Africa.

The Liberty Funeral Plan – A Full Range of Plans

Liberty Life Insurance has a robust and trustworthy reputation within the South Africa financial services industry. Their funeral plans include among others, the Comprehensive Funeral Plan, Extended Family Funeral Plan and the Standard Funeral Plan. So their funeral cover is one of the oldest and most well-regarded options.

With the Liberty funeral plan range, funeral cover starts from as little as R43 per month. Modest though the premium Liberty Funeral Plan Rangeis, you benefit from adequate cover. Let’s look at Liberty’s Comprehensive funeral plan.

Liberty Funeral Plan – The Main Benefits

Comprehensive Funeral Plan – insures funeral costs for you, your partner, your kids, your parents as well as extended family.

This cover is on a single policy and includes –

  • Cover to R30 000 – for four extended family members
  • R50 000 – this is for up to 8 children and up to 4 parents
  • R100 000 – cover for you and your spouse

When you look at a comprehensive funeral plan, Liberty gives you the funeral you want. These funeral plans are for burial or cremation. And Liberty offers a unique, personalised service. Their agents are available every day of the week for you – day or night.

All services are guaranteed. However, if you’re in doubt about their Comprehensive Funeral Plan, call them on 0860 327 327. Their staff have in-depth knowledge on Liberty’s full funeral plan range. But if you don’t want to phone, then please complete their online form. Then a financial adviser will contact you.

Liberty Funeral Plan – More Comprehensive Cover Benefits

  • Double accident cover for you and your spouse.
  • Liberty will pay out double the value of your cover.
  • After your 65th birthday, you keep your cover, and you won’t pay additional premiums.

If you die before the age of 65 years, the cover will continue for other beneficiaries. And if you were 55 when you passed away, your family would receive ten years of cover still.

There is also an Education benefit with the Comprehensive Funeral plan. Education is beyond the financial means for the average person. You’ll get assistance with the cost of schooling. Liberty pays out upon the death of the policyholder.

Liberty believes they can assist you and your family financially. Hard times such as when someone dies, await us all. The Liberty funeral plan range has someone for everyone’s pocket.

Call and get your Questions Answered

Check out their insurance options, starting with the Comprehensive Plan, personalised for you. Look at Liberty Support. You’ll be able to glean more on their other products and services. For more details, please call them on their Call Centre on 011 408 4871. You can also email them at

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