Choosing the Right Liberty Funeral Cover

Good funeral cover ensures your family doesn’t have to pay up thousands when you die. So a good funeral plan can help your family meet the cost of a funeral. Consider carefully the funeral cover. What is affordable? Which plan comes with the best benefits? Liberty Funeral Cover forms part of the Liberty Financial Services Group. Liberty operates across Africa. They offer a variety of policies.

Liberty Funeral Cover – The Liberty Burial Plan

      • Available from R43 a month.
      • For each person insured, then the plan pays a cash benefit.
      • The cover provides up to R30 000 each for your spouse, four parents and up to 8 children. Also for up to 8 extended family members.
      • 24-hour Funeral Assist offered by CIMS. It provides the following services –

•  Transportation of the deceased to the place of the funeral
•  Emergency medical evacuation programme
•  Helpline for legal and will assistance
•  HIV accidental exposure and trauma helpline

Liberty Funeral CoverLiberty Funeral Cover – Comprehensive Funeral Plan

      • This plan takes care of the costs of a funeral for you, your spouse, your children, parents and extended family.
      • Double accident cover for you and spouse.
      • As much as R100 000 funeral cover for you and your spouse.
      • Up to R30 000 cover for four extended family members
      • As much as R50 000 cover for up to 4 parents and eight children.
      • If you live beyond the age of 65, then you retain your protection without paying more premiums.
      • Should you die before reaching the age of 65, those on the policy will continue to be covered until the time you would have turned 65.
      • There is an education benefit in which Liberty makes a payout on the death of the policyholder. On mortality, an extra expense benefit of 10% will be paid each year.


Liberty Funeral Cover – Standard Funeral Plan

This plan covers the costs of the funeral for you, your partner, kids, your parents as well as extended family. The cover provides the following –

      • Up to R30 000 cover for up to 8 extended family members.
      • As much as R50 000 cover for up to 4 parents and eight children.
      • Up to R75 000 cover for you and your spouse.
      • Skip one month pay each year and still you won’t lose your cover.
      • You get back premiums every five years, which applies even if you have put in a claim
        •an education benefit.


Liberty Funeral Cover – Parent Funeral Plan

      • From R75 per month.
      • Parents must be between 35 and 74 years of age
      • Pays a minimum lump sum of R10 000 and a maximum of R20 000
      • Money is paid out within 48 hours but all the correct documentation must be handed in.
      • Each year you can skip a payment for one month and you won’t lose your cover.
      • You get back five months’ equivalent of premiums for every five years, even if you put in a claim.


Liberty Funeral Cover – Extended Funeral Cover

      •  Full life cover from R37 a month – for four extended families.
      •  Member’s  minimum cover is R5 000, and the maximum is R40 000.
      •  Choose one month each year to skip a payment without losing your cover.
      •  Get back five months’ equivalent of premiums, which happens every five years even if you put in a claim.

A Liberty financial adviser will provide you with guidance on the right plan. In other words, they will help you to identify the plan that will bring peace at a traumatic time.

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