PEP Funeral Cover Details

The cost of living is becoming unbearable. Don’t think that death is any different. Even your last ‘event’ – dying, is costly. Funeral costs have risen dramatically. In South Africa, even a basic funeral is exorbitant. The land is becoming scarce. Burial plots cost a small fortune. So without a funeral plan, many regrettably have to look at pauper funerals. But not if you have PEP funeral cover!

Don’t think funeral plans are out of your reach. There ARE funeral plans which are truly affordable. Do research carefully and only take funeral cover from a reputable supplier.

Hollard Group is South Africa’s largest privately held insurance company. Hollard underwrites the policies. They also ensure 48-hour claims payout.  It was in 2006 that they opted to tap into an enormous and lucrative large market. That year they partnered with PEP, an affordable clothing chain. They have more than 1 500 stores all over South Africa.

Along with their big range of affordable consumer goods, PEP offers excellent comprehensive funeral PEPplans, suitable for individuals and families. You need to be at least 18 years of age to apply for funeral cover. PEP serves the Rainbow Nation. To this end, they tailor their funeral cover to suit your needs. As a result, monthly payments with PEP funeral cover are as reasonable as R27 a month,

Getting PEP Funeral Cover

  • Take your ID book with you to any of the PEP stores in South Africa.
  • Provide PEP with two contact numbers.
  • Provide PEP with the name and surname of your selected beneficiary.
  • Within minutes your details will be captured at the till.  Then you will be a registered funeral plan member.
  • Your starter pack counts as your first premium.
  • PEP covers you for accidental death.
  • Within 72 hours you will receive a welcome SMS.
  • You don’t need a bank account to have funeral cover from PEP.
  • Choose the cover that suits your pocket.
  • Cover ranges from R2 500 to R12 500.
  • Make monthly premiums payments at any PEP store or you can arrange a debit order. You can call the Hollard Call Centre to arrange this, and the number is 0860 0737 777.
  • No medical examination is required.
  • PEP have joined forces with AVBOB and Doves. As you know, Doves and AVBOB are specialist funeral insurance service providers.
  • They will help you with filling in your death claim forms. They do this free of charge.

South Africans can walk into any of their stores and purchase a funeral plan. However, expect an authorised insurance agent from Hollard to call you within a couple of days. Remember that you can withdraw from your policy within the first 30 days.

How to Claim

  • Get a claim form from Hollard. Phone them on 0860 737 777. Or you can contact Doves or Avbob who will help with the claiming process.
  • You can also get a form printed at a PEP store.
  • You need the following forms for making a claim –
    •a certified copy of the death certificate, ID document of the deceased as well as the BI-1663 certificate
    •you can fax the claims form to this fax number – 011 836 8578

You just don’t want to be one of those people who considers a pauper funeral. At just R27 a month, even low-income people can afford a decent send off for their loved one.

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All info was correct at time of publishing