Assupol Mobi for Added Convenience

People in the 21st century convenience. When it comes to doing life, people want affordability, speed and on the spot attention.  Assupol is a South African company that provides products designed for South Africans by South Africans. They know what people want and need. They deliver accordingly. Assupol mobi is proof of that.

Assupol makes it easy for everyone to get services sorted out quickly and efficiently. The app allows people to buy a variety of products.  The Assupol mobi premium calculator is an important aspect for when customers want to know more about product options. The mobile premium calculator is invaluable. The app allows Assupol consultant to calculate premium flawlessly for all the possibilities right on their mobile phone, anytime, anywhere.

Assupol’s vision is ‘To be the insurer of the people’. To this end, they have dedicated client services who make it their mission to maintain all their members with dignity and integrity. Not only do people benefit with funeral cover from a well-known brand which started way back in 2013, but their products are also varied. Their offerings cater for both emerging and sophisticated markets. Assupol mobi is all about added convenience. For instance, you can use a mobile app Funeral Policy Benefits from Assupol Mobiwith ease and take your planning to an entirely new level.

Assupol Mobi – Life Gets Better

Assupol Life, together with Mobi Mall Retail Solutions offers loads of convenience for Metrorail commuters because they get an accidental death benefit to the value of R20 000. This policy is known as CommutaSho. If travellers on the Metrorail buy their train ticket at any of the Mobi-shop kiosks, for instance, this benefit won’t require an additional cost.

Instead of standing in long queues to buy train tickets, with the spread of mobishop kiosks, the entire process of buying tickets becomes that much easier as they can buy train tickets close to where they live and work.

Assupol Mobi – Great R20 000 Benefit

Assupol underwrites the R20 000 benefit. There is another advantage too; train travellers can choose another benefit known as CommutaSho Duduzeka. This additional feature provides providing R2 500 life cover that beneficiaries can use for the likes of electricity, transport or groceries. CommutaSho Duduzeka costs R3 or R10 when you buy it with a weekly or monthly Metrorail ticket.

Bridget Mokwena-Halala, CEO at Assupol Life says these kinds of products show that Assupol cares for the welfare of the rainbow nation. Metrorail passengers can buy a weekly or monthly Metrorail train ticket at any of these Mobishop kiosks and then receive an accidental death benefit underwritten by Assupol.

Accidents DO Happen

Assupol’s accidental death benefit is a rider connected to a life insurance policy. These are for people who work in hazardous environments such as railways and trains.  Accidental death benefit covers should an accident occur and you die in the crash. There are no health questions, and you can get covered right away.

If you want to trust Assupol with more insurance cover, why not call them? After all, their longevity in the insurance industry for more than 100 years speaks for itself.

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