Why Assupol Funeral Cover is Popular in SA

Insurance policies guard peace that your life and your possessions. Life insurance protects the people who are dependent on you and your earnings.  Assupol funeral cover ensures that your dependents have enough money to bury you when you pass away.

There are many different insurance policies with various features, benefits, and prices. Make sure that the insurance you choose is adequate for your needs. Compare costs and to find out how difficult or easy it is to qualify for the insurance. You should also know what the waiting periods are and to know if the premiums will stay constant or change overtime.

Assupol Funeral Cover is for South Africans

The reason why Assupol funeral cover is so attractive is that:

  • South Africans created it for South Africans.
  • Another important aspect with Assupol is that they are registered with the Financial Services Board (FSB) which means they are permitted to sell funeral insurance. Try buying insurance from a service provider who isn’t registered and you may pay money for months, maybe years and never see anything as a result.

Assupol FuneralThere are many unscrupulous funeral cover providers, so it makes sense to choose a reputable company such as Assupol.  They safeguard your money and use it for funeral expenses.

Choices – Policies Tailored to Your Needs

Assupol Funeral Cover is a product of Assupol Life Insurance, offering different kinds of cover that suit individuals and families. People love Assupol funeral cover because it gives them plenty of options, and this means you can plan ahead to get the policy that suits your needs.

Assupol has their Absolute Advantage Family Funeral Plan. This plan is also a suitable option for those who are single.Then there is the Excellence Family Funeral Plan.

The reason these plans are so popular is that from just R70 a month, you don’t only get a decent funeral. You also start to benefit from products while you are still alive. For instance, with Assupol On-Call you can get HIV/Aids assistance as well as telephonic general medical care from a qualified nursing sister. Other benefits include trauma counseling, discount on funeral plans and even tutor assistance to children.

You can see why Assupol is popular in South Africa. They care for South Africans and want everyone to benefit from affordable cover. You can even get a funeral cover policy from Assupol when you are earning a minimum monthly salary of just R2500.

Have the Funeral Cover you Dream About

There is a saying that says ‘the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.’ Assupol has all those little extras and more. Now you can banish insurance trauma from your mind. More and more people are taking advantage of all that Assupol offers.

Get insurance cover from Assupol. Become one of the millions of Assupol customers who enjoy efficient services fromSouth Africa’s leading insurance provider. Assupol designs funeral cover with the deceased family in mind.  It’s time you speak to one of the Assupol consultants. They have the knowledge enough to answer all your questions.

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