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It can feel like the world has come to the end when someone you love dearly passes away. You should prepare with the right Absa funeral cover. That is because a funeral plan from Absa makes sure that the death of a loved one is a lot less stressful.

We are all different and have different ideas of how we would like to say goodbye with a well-planned funeral.

With funeral cover from ABSA, one thing is sure – you can afford a dignified and memorable service. You can also be sure that with ABSA Funeral cover you won’t be facing exorbitant funeral costs.

There is simply no need to worry. Because Absa funeral cover takes care of the expenses of the funeral with an option that suits your needs. Fortunately, with ABSA Funeral cover you can rest assured that the affordable premiums you pay will benefit you and your entire family.

No Exorbitant Funeral Costs for You with Absa Funeral Cover

Absa Funeral Cover

ABSA Funeral Cover suits all your family’s needs and is ideal for anyone who is under the age of 65. The cover makes provision for up to 8 extended family members as well.

Let’s see what requirements are in place for you to benefit from Absa funeral cover –

●   you and your spouse need to be between the ages of 16 and 65
●   you are looking for the funeral cover that will last for your entire life. For this to happen, you must ensure that you pay your monthly premiums regularly each month

Let’s have a look at what the Affordable ABSA Funeral cover includes for you –

  • ABSA offers different options which range from between R6 000 up to R50 000 cover
  • The option to choose annual premium and cover increases
  • In the event of accidental death of the main member, a double pay out it made
  • You get cover for yourself, your spouse, your children and as many as eight extended family members


If you have any question regarding funeral cover from ABSA, you can visit your nearest ABSA branch, or you can go onto ABSA’s website and follow the links with regards to insurances. When you purchase your funeral policy, you select the cover amount upfront. This is the set amount paid out in the event of a valid claim.

Pre-Paid – Great Option for Those Without a Regular Income

The banks of South Africa offer funeral cover which come with a host of features and benefits. One of the top benefits with ABSA funeral cover is that they offer pre-paid funeral cover.

This is great for anyone who feels they can’t commit to monthly premium payments. Because this pre-paid Absa funeral cover is a short-term funeral plan for you and your family to ensure they are financially stable when you die.

You pay the premium up front, and depending on the plan you choose, you have cover for 6 or 12 months. That is a great option for anyone who doesn’t have a regular income and can therefore not guarantee a monthly debit order.


With ABSA funeral cover you benefit with convenience because pre-paid cover can be purchased easily from an ABSA ATM or by making use of your cellphone.

Once done, all the relevant funeral cover policy documents will be mailed to you, and you can start living in peace that your steps will guarantee you a peaceful transition into the life hereafter.

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