Doves Funeral Parlour New Burial Plan

The Doves funeral parlour has been in the funeral business for more than 130 years. It started as a funeral directing organization based in Durban in 1883.

Doves only started taking shape as Doves Group after Homes Trust Funeral Services merged with and acquired a string of smaller businesses engaged in funeral organisation.

This happened from the late 1950s through to the seventies. But before the Doves Group of today finally emerged, its management would have to buy out Metropolitan Life and undergo a name-change from HT Life to Union Life.

Doves funeral parlour

Doves Funeral Parlour Begins

The name Doves Group only started being used in 2004. South Africans recognise the firm as one of the biggest in the funeral directing industry in ZA and the larger Southern Africa.

In addition to that Doves helped found the National Funeral Directors Association. From its beginnings in Durban Doves has become a national enterprise with a presence in all the country’s nine provinces.

Doves Funeral Parlour Services

Doves cover the whole spectrum of services that would be required in the event of a death.

Among them are: funeral cover, funeral planning, caring for the body, embalming, burial, cremation and memorial services.

You may not have experienced the loss of a loved one and could be in perfect health. However, Doves offers Funeral Insurance just in case.

Doves have been in the funeral business for more than a century. The company has come up with a range of funeral plans that are designed to cater to South Africans of all walks.

Regardless of your level of income or your marital status, you will find a plan that takes your needs into account. You will get adequate cover.

The Dove products supply cover worth R5,000 to R50,000 with premiums starting at R30 and going all the way to R215.

Here are the main Doves funeral insurance products:

    • Doves Life Plan
    • Doves Funeral Policy
    • Doves Funeral Plan
    • Doves All Nations
    • Doves All Nations Plus+
    • Doves Burial Service Plan

Doves Burial Service Plan

 This is one of the newer products that Doves have developed, and it aims to relieve your family of as many of the expenses associated with funerals in the event of death.

Should you die, your beneficiaries will receive R5,000 cash and a casket worth R15,000 immediately. Doves themselves register the death and process all the necessary documents.

The plan will significantly reduce the transportation budget by providing transport for the deceased anywhere as long as the destination is within South Africa.

Doves will also provide two cars for the deceased’s family that will ferry them anywhere within a 50km radius.

When it comes to the funeral service itself, the plan will cut down the food and refreshments expenditure by providing 24 bottles of 350ml juice and 24 bottles of 350ml water plus 100 copies of funeral programs will also be printed.

All these benefits for a monthly premium of R100.

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