The Old Mutual Care Plan is available from one of the most famous institutions you can use for getting funeral cover for you and your family.

They have three different funeral plans.

The Old Mutual Care Plan is the cheapest and most affordable.

Which doesn’t mean it’s not a great funeral plan. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect from the insurance.

Old Mutual care planThe main advantage of Old Mutual Care

With the Old Mutual care plan, you get up to R50 000 to pay for the funeral of a family member.

You can add your wife, children and even extended family members like your parents and siblings to your funeral cover.

You can even include children if you are a single parent. Why should you pay for something that you’re not going to use?

Old Mutual care plan waiting period –

Like most other funeral policies the Old Mutual care plan covers you for accidental death immediately after the first premium is paid. The cover will be for everyone covered by your funeral insurance.

For natural death, you will have a waiting period, and this includes everyone on the plan.

Other benefits included in the funeral policy –

There are other benefits you can enjoy with the Old Mutual Care plan like the  Holiday Benefit.

You will be able to skip up to 6 months of premiums throughout the course of the policy when times are tough, and you have money problems.

If your funeral plan lapses for any reason, you can reset your funeral terms under certain conditions.

Meaning that if you have skipped too many premiums and can’t pay anymore, you will have the option to start the funeral plan again.

Support that this scheme offers –

With Old Mutual Care, you can expect different kinds of support. The support that you might need when you experience one of the worst days of your life.

You will get funeral support to assist you in making decisions about the funeral of your loved one. You will also get support for assault, trauma, and HIV when you or any member of your family might need this.

So for only R31 per month, you get a great funeral policy from Old Mutual.

With this policy, you can get benefits of up to R50 000. You can add any family member to the plan, and you will get the Old Mutual support you need at the right time.

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