Old Mutual Funeral Plan Range

No one finds the thought of losing a loved one comfortable. Unfortunately, this will happen to all of us. But fortunately, Old Mutual Funeral Plan range will be there for us.

When mourning a loved one, it makes it easier to bear to concentrate on all the wonderful memories. We think kindly of the deceased person when we can reflect on those things that make remembering that person unique.

That is why it is so important to have a good funeral plan in place.

Not only can the beloved family member have a dignified funeral. But the loving memories you have of them won’t turn to bitterness because of financial costs. Consider the Old Mutual Funeral Plan range to ease the pain.

Old Mutual Funeral Plan range – Choose what Suits you

Old Mutual Funeral Plan range

Old Mutual have a whole range of funeral plans. These include the Care Plan, the Standard Plan and also their Comprehensive+ Plan.

On researching the different policies for your specific needs, you will realise that you can cover more than yourself. You can cover your partner or spouse, your children as well as your parents and parents-in-law. Even extended family members can be covered.

If you are a single parent, there is a plan called the Single Adult Family plan. That is particularly welcoming to those single parents who have dependent children. That’s because it means they do not have to pay for a husband or wife they do not have.

Whatever your particular needs are, you will find a plan in the Old Mutual Funeral Plan Range that suits your unique needs.

Costs and Extra Benefits of the Old Mutual Funeral Plan Range

Your costs will be lower the more cover you take out. With the PLUS Standard Plans and Comprehensive+ Plans, if you are a policyholder with one of these plans, you will discover a Terminal Illness benefit as well as a Cash Back benefit. That comes in effect after Old Mutual has received your 36th premium.

In the Old Mutual Funeral Plan Range, as a policyholder, you will have access to Old Mutual’s More4U benefit. These are value add-ons, over and above the benefits your insurance policy provides. It comes at no extra cost. With More4U, when your family is in real need, you will find assistance with treatment and support.

Generally speaking,Old Mutual Funeral Plan Range people do not often consider a funeral cover or a funeral policy until the time actually comes when you need to organise a funeral. Then you will find out that a funeral can cost from between R7000 to R30000, depending on the type of funeral you need to arrange.

Unfortunately, availability of funds stops because the estate of the deceased needs winding up first. The Old Mutual Funeral Plan Range cover will be you and your immediate family members, your wife or husband or partner, children and extended family members.

Should you wish to include extended cover for extended family members, for a low additional premium, there will be the cover for that as well.

Moving Confidently into the Future

If all documents of the deceased are in order, the Old Mutual Funeral Plan Range policies can pay out within 48 hours, which means peace of mind that you have financial support.

For sound financial advice on different funeral plans, you can go online and find the right tab to press and a financial adviser will call you to discuss the various plans with you. You won’t regret investing in you and your family’s future with one in the Old Mutual Funeral Plan Range.

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