The Funeral Cover Vodacom Offers Is Unbelievably Affordable

When you take out funeral cover Vodacom offers, you avoid the heavy financial burden that comes with funeral costs.

The thing is, death can suddenly arrive in your life. It might be your own or you might lose someone close to you.

The fact remains that when it does come, you must be ready.

The loss of a loved one can be a stressful time as you look this way and that to come up with the finances. Imagine creating bitterness amongst your family members because no-one can scrape money together for your funeral? That is not the way to go.

Funeral cover For as Little As R25 per Month – That’s right!

Funeral Cover Vodacom

The funeral cover Vodacom offers costs as little as R25 a month.

To apply for this fantastic offer from Vodacom, all you have to do is go into any Vodacom store.

If there is not one near you, call them on their customer care number which is 08213911.

Different premium amounts mean different payouts

  • The funeral cover offered from Vodacom is affordable – it will pay up to R30 000 should you pass away with premiums starting from as little as R25.00
  • You don’t have to undergo any medical or have any blood tests. You will have cover straight away
  • Anyone who has a Vodacom contract, as well as top-up customers, can get this Vodacom funeral cover. Just go into a Vodacom and see for yourself.
  • You don’t have to fill in any paperwork
  • As soon as you have the funeral cover with Vodacom and you submit a claim, you can expect a payout within 48 hours. You need to hand in all the necessary documentation.

With Vodacom funeral cover for instance, if you pay R25.00 every month, you will get R5000 cover, with a premium of R45.00 every month, you will get R10 000 cover. If you pay R75.00 a month, you will get R20 000 cover and R95.00 a month will get you R30 000 cover.

Apply Online for Funeral Cover Vodacom

Vodacom also has a website where you can apply for this funeral cover. You just need to register to log into the website. Select ‘My Services’, then select ‘Insurance’ and then select ‘Buy’ to apply – that is how simple it is.

It will come as a great relief to know that should you pass away, any beneficiary that you leave behind will simply need to provide the necessary documentation so that Vodacom can get your claim settled efficiently and speedily.

All the beneficiary has to do is dial the call centre number which is 08217800. If they are too unhappy, they can send an email to Funeral cover Vodacom offers life insurance cover as well.

Vodacom Funeral Cover is Sufficient

Funeral cover Vodacom gives your family and beneficiaries peace of mind knowing that when you are gone, they will not suffer the consequences financially because you did not think ahead.

Do it today so that no-one is faced with difficult financial situations while you lie quietly underground unaware of the difficulties and bitterness you have caused.

To get a FREE funeral cover quote please complete and send the form on this page

All info was correct at time of publishing