Doves Funeral Insurance Overview

Doves funeral insurance is one of the branches of the Doves Group. The group of companies specialises in the funeral business.

Doves started over 100 years ago as a funeral directing services organisation. The company grew to become a leading player in the industry across Southern Africa.

The years of experience Doves has acquired over the years is reflected in its range of funeral plans.
Doves funeral insurance plans cater for all groups as well as unmarried individuals and families.

This diverse range of customised products is one of the reasons for Dove’s popularity in this sector.

doves funeral insuranceInnovation is the Key to Doves Funeral Insurance Success

Doves continually innovate to embrace the latest trends in the industry. The company meets the changing needs and preferences of the South African population.

Their aim is to cushion customers to the greatest extent possible from financial worry at the time of loss.

They also offer practical assistance to help with funeral arrangements and burial and ensure that the departed gets the best sendoff possible.

Doves funeral insurance products and what you can expect from each plan.

Doves Funeral Policy: This is an excellent package to sign up for if you are single and just starting out in employment.

Premiums start from just R30 per month and for this, you get the benefits of a full funeral cover.

Signing up is quick and easy as there are no prior medical tests required and in the event of death, claims are processed within 48 hours, ensuring your loved ones have the money they need to give you a proper sendoff.

Doves Funeral Plan:

With this policy, you are guaranteed R19,000 if you, your spouse or one of your dependents dies.

The plan is a full family funeral plan meaning you can also cover members of your extended family under your policy.

For this extensive cover, you will need to pay a monthly premium of just R80. Like the above plan, you will not need to answer any medical questions before signing up.

Doves Life Plan: You can increase the amount of money you will have to plan a funeral in the event of death by signing up for this policy.

With the life plan, your beneficiaries will receive a lump sum of R50,500 in the event of your death. This insurance will ensure you get the best sendoff money can buy. The cover will only cost you R125 per month in premiums.

Dove All Nations Plan: This is yet another family-oriented funeral cover from the Doves Group. It will enable the policyholder to cover up to 12 family members for up to R19,000 each.

For this, you will need to pay a monthly premium of R225. You can increase the payout to R30,500 by signing up for the Dove All Nations Plus+ Plan.

With all these products you will have to observe a waiting period of six months but in the case of accidental death, Doves will compensate the beneficiaries immediately.

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