What Doves Offers

Doves aren’t just a funeral home that you can use to plan a funeral of a loved one. Doves offers great funeral cover that you can use at their Doves funeral homes across the country.

There are about 160 Doves funeral homes all over South Africa, which you can use if you have a Doves funeral cover.

Here are some things that Doves offers with their funeral cover plans and services to those who don’t have a funeral cover at Doves.

Repatriation to and from neighbouring countries

Doves organise and transporting human remains to and from any of the neighbouring countries like Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, and Swaziland. This feature is a great option because we don’t always know where a loved one or we can pass away. You don’t have to stress about transporting the remains of your family member.

What Doves Offers

Assistance for registration of death

Something that most people don’t know is that you need to register the death of a family member within five days after the end. Registration can be hard to do if you don’t have the right assistance. Doves will assist you with this process making it easier for you to register the death of your loved one.

Announcing the funeral of a loved one

With a death of a loved one don’t forget to inform of the death and funeral of your family member. Doves will assist you in sending notifications about the funeral to anyone via SMS, email or fax to all family members. They will even publish the announcement in the local newspaper. They notify everyone about the funeral date and time.

Doves arrange the funeral for you

The hardest part is to try to organise and arrange the funeral for your loved one. With Doves, they are prepared and able to do the arranging for you, so that you don’t need to go through that. You can personalise the funeral in many ways, namely with the music, the printed pamphlets and flowers.You can leave the rest to Doves, and they will arrange and organise the whole funeral.

Burial services

Doves don’t just give assistance to the funeral and the service in the church or chapel. Also, Doves also help with the burial at the graveyard. There, they will also arrange everything, and you can even get some assistance with the headstone and inscription on the stone. They don’t just arrange the burial for you. Also they conduct cremations after the service in the church or chapel.


There are many different services that Doves provide to those who have a funeral cover with them. These services are also for those who have a funeral cover from another institution.

They are not only a funeral home but also offer different types of packages to choose from, to assist you in making the final decisions for arranging the funeral, burial or the cremation.

Many thousands of people use Doves for assistance in organizing and planning a funeral of a loved one.

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