Funerals for Obese People is something we don’t usually consider.

There are particular difficulties that funeral homes have to deal with when arranging a  funeral for an obese person.

And it can be difficult for their loved ones as they would need to pay more money for the funeral than for regular people.

Funerals for obese people create difficulties that families have to struggle with 

There are not many funeral homes that are equipped to deal with funerals for fat people. So the relatives of the deceased person will have to travel further to find a funeral home with the right equipment.

Travelling further means spending more money in organizing and planning a funeral than for those people that are not overweight.

Funerals for obese peopleSomeone may have to  manufacture the casket for an obese person

The average sized casket or coffin is about 66 cm wide. A much bigger body means you will need a customised coffin.

The result is the family will have to spend more on a custom made casket. Because you are not buying it off the showroom floor, there will be a waiting period before they can deliver the container.

Funeral homes and coffin makers are beginning to realize the increase in obesity and are starting to make larger caskets. There are now caskets that are 40% wider than a few years ago.

Difficulty of Cremation

Cremation is another problem that funeral homes have. Ovens for cremation are not capacious enough as the doors to the oven are a standard size. Modern fast foods have caused obesity to rise.

Another drawback comes in the cremation of obese people. They carry a tremendous amount of fat; it takes longer to turn them into ashes and needs a much higher temperature.

Not many funeral homes have ovens where the operators can adjust the heat of the oven. So the family of the deceased is stuck with the burial option and all its’ added costs – which might not be what the family prefers or what the deceased wanted.

Obesity has become a worldwide problem. Few people think about dying. So obese individuals and their families never even consider the consequences. Certain things happen when an overweight member of the family passes away.

Challenge of Funerals for Obese People

It’s a very challenging and awkward subject to discuss at the best of times as we don’t want to hurt people’s feelings.

If you are a member of a family with an obese relative, you would be doing everyone a favour by planning ahead. Discussing the limited funeral options to prepare them. The day will come when they die.

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