Ash Urns for the Remains of Loved Ones

After cremation, the funeral parlour places the ashes of the deceased in an ash urn and hands it over to the family. Then, the family decides what to do with the ashes of their loved one. There are some interesting facts about ash urns that most of us don’t know. Even, the history about the ash urns is interesting. Here are some interesting facts and some history about ash urns.

History of ash urns

Ash urns are also known as cinerary urns and burial urns. It depends on the country where you are living. In South Africa, we talk about the ash urns.

In China, people found 32 burial urns made from pottery that dated about 7000BC. Archaeologists found this jar at an early Jiahu site. They also unearthed about 700 urns over the Yangshao. These urns dated between 3000BC and 5000BC. There they found more than 50 different types of urns with different shapes and sizes.

Precious Ash Urns


In modern times

Today more and more people are starting to consider cremation, even those who have the tradition of burials. There is more than one reason why people are thinking about cremations, but the most common reason is that it costs less than a burial. Also, there is not much space left for burials.

In the older days, they only used pottery urns that are unadorned. But, today you can choose between different quality, material and price. Making it a bit easier to choose an urn that represents the deceased’s personality best. Or, money can also play a role in the type of urn that you are choosing.

What materials ash urns are made off?

The urns are made of many different types of materials. Some prefer wood, while other prefer ceramic or even glass. But, you can buy urns in any material. The most traditional urns are those of timber, ceramic, glass, natural stone or even steel. There is even a type of urn, where two body’s ashes can be put. The name of this urn is the companion urns. People are even buying ash urns for their favourite pets when the beloved pets die.

Ash Urns

Ash Urns

There are even some companies that make ash urns out or recycled paper. These urns are eco-friendly and can be personalised more than some of the other urns that you can buy.  People choosing the urns are thinking beforehand what they are going to do with the ashes. Are they going to bury the urn or are they going to scatter the ashes? Some also prefer to hold the ashes in their homes.

We don’t always think about funerals and cremations, but this is something that everyone is going to experience in their lives. There are some interesting facts about ash urns used for storing the ashes of the remains of the deceased. These containers are for those who are not going to arrange a burial, but who cremate the remains of the dead.

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