Doves Funeral Branches in South Africa

Every business starts out small and for Doves, established in 1883, it was no different. Today there are dozens of Doves Funeral branches around the country.

It was in 1989 that the company was purchased from Metropolitan Life and changed its name to HT Group. The name then changed to Doves Group in 2004 and today Doves Group is one of the biggest funeral directing companies in Southern Africa. There are Dove’s funeral branches in just about every city, town and village in South Africa.

One of the reasons that Doves has grown so enormously is that they have made sure to represent themselves solidly online. They know that in the 21st century, the first place that people look for information is on a website. Online information can affect how people view your company, and Doves, with their many different branches dotted throughout South Africa and their many contact details, are connected to their members 24/7. Doves know that their customers are the very reason they have grown because satisfied customers spread the news of good services and products.

Doves Funeral Branches in all 9 Provinces

Today the Group runs a national network of more than 160 Doves Funeral branches in each of South Africa’s nine provinces. Each of these provinces offers several branches, ensuring there is always a Doves Funeral Doves Funeral BranchesHome close to you. Most of these branches have the means to offer you a range of different services and products such as coffins, the arrangement of the funeral, claims as well as other funeral administration services.

Other Services Available at Doves Funeral Branches

▪cremations and burials
▪handling of ashes
▪caring for the deceased
▪home funeral arrangements

Let’s look at some of the branches that Doves has –

●Doves Head Office:

Doves Building, 19 Oxford Street, Durbanville, 7550, Western Cape

Postal address: P.O. Box 1265, Durbanville, 7551

Tel: (021) 975-1010

Fax: (021) 976-5920

●Free State – Bloemfontein:

Corner Krause and Falck Street, Bloemfontein, 9301, Free State
Tel: 051 447 4510
Fax: 051 447 7222

●Gauteng – Fourways Memorial Park, Memorial Lane, Craigavon, 2191, Gauteng

Tel: 011 465 2833/4
Fax: 011 465 2953

Tembisa – Cnr Botswana and Algeria Street, Megamart Shop 5B, Tembisa, Gauteng
Tel: 0110501007 or 0763447539

●KwaZulu Natal – Durban

20 Fynn Street, Greyville, 4001, Durban, KwaZulu Natal
Tel: 031 308 9200
Fax: 031 308 9281

Doves Call Centre

When you phone the Doves Call Centre on 0861 025 500, you get to understand the full range of services Doves can offer you. They deal with everything, from treating the bereaved with respect and kindness to the registration of death, assistance with administration of policy as well as grave removal or exhumation and so much more. Call them for peace sake so that you can face death more confidently.

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