Embarrassing Things That Happen at Funerals

Surely you’ve heard of embarrassing incidences where the wrong body was interred or cremated. No? Well, ask the family of Aurelie Germaine Tuccillo. They who arrived at the mortuary where the funeral director handed over her loved one’s ashes. They were expecting to view her body.

Wrong Body Embarrassing!!

Apparently, there was some mix-up, and the attendants somehow gave the wrong body to the wrong family. The funeral home issued a written apology to the relatives, but this would have done nothing to ease their grief.

And yet Another embarrassing moment:

Embarrassing Moments at FuneralsAt least the family of Kenneth Roberts were able to salvage the situation when the funeral home gave them the wrong body.

When Roberts’ wife went to fetch the body, she noticed the corpse wasn’t quite Roberts. So the guys at the mortuary told her that that’s how people look when they’re dead.

Not one to argue, she left. But at the service the funeral director announced that the body in the box was not Ken. The incident sparked a scramble to get the right corpse, which apparently was in another funeral home altogether. You don’t want to imagine what the gathered mourners went through on that day.

Flogging a dead horse

Believe it or not, this happened, and not too long ago. It was in 2007 when a certain Timothy Cleary was out on a stroll.

He arrived at a funeral service at the Harvest Baptist Church and decided to drop in though he had no idea who the deceased was. But that did not stop him from attacking the corpse with all the Kung-Fu he could muster.

After watching in stunned silence as their dearly departed was giving the hiding of his death, the congregation set upon Cleary. They worked on him before handing him over to the authorities.

Imagine Getting Caught out at Your Funeral

 Those final words that we read before we lay down a departed loved one into their eternal grave tend to be the most heartfelt (if not exaggerated) words we put together.

You can, therefore, imagine the shock or disgust people would experience if they found out a eulogy had been copied and pasted from another source in its entirety.

The friends and family of Brian Moore discovered this after an essay he allegedly wrote turned out to have been plagiarised. He initially read the piece out at another person’s funeral. And its words so moved the people that they decided to read it out when Brian himself died later.

But they found out that one Joshua Harris wrote the article. The local newspapers decided to publish the essay after it was read at Moore’s funeral because it was eloquent. However, a few days later someone informed the paper that Moore was not its real author.


Many other embarrassing incidents have happened at funerals, some too embarrassing to publish. If you are privy to such stories or have got wind of them, feel free to submit them for the enjoyment of others. Life is too short.

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