Saving Grace Repatriation of Remains

Saving Grace offers an excellent repatriation service for the remains of the deceased and for the family that want to travel with the body.

Being a long way from home is difficult enough as it is, so when a beloved member of your family dies it’s only natural to want to get them back to where they belong.

It’s important to look at a repatriation packages because you never know when you will need them.

Saving Grace has four different repatriation services

The Standard Package

Family members will travel in a standard minibus that can take up to nine family members. All family members travelling in the minibus get snack bags. This package includes a standard coffin and a  customised trailer for the deceased.

The Silver Package

Saving Grace

The silver package offers better benefits because the family of the deceased travel in a luxury minibus with reclining seats for up to 8 people. PLUS there is a complimentary meal included for all eight family members.

The luxury coffin will be transported in a refrigerated trailer to keep the body cool. The package includes a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers.

The Gold Package

Most people prefer the Saving Grace Gold package. And this is also the best value for money offer.

With this package the family members will travel in a luxury minibus with reclining seats that can take up to 8 people. Also, the offer includes a complimentary meal for each family member.

The deceased will travel in a luxury coffin in a refrigerated trailer. There will be two bouquets of flowers added with six additional Saving Grace exclusives.

The Platinum Package

This is the most expensive package that Saving Grace Funerals have to offer for the repatriation option. So the family will travel in a luxury minibus with reclining seats for 9 people. Each person will get a complimentary meal with a snack pack while en route.

The deceased will get a luxury casket and be transported in a refrigerated trailer. Additionally,  the package includes two bouquets of flowers.

There are seven additional Saving Grace exclusives and a Mercedes-Benz E class vehicle  for three mourners and a driver included.

With Saving Grace Funerals you can choose from four different repatriation packages. However, they range from really affordable to exclusive. So you can choose the one that suits your budget.

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