Correct Colour Flowers for a Chinese Funeral

Whether it’s a wedding, funeral, birthday, Valentine’s Day or even a Chinese Funeral flowers go hand in hand with virtually every occasion under the sun,

Whenever we have any of these events looming on the horizon, we rush to order flowers but at times neglect to match the colours to the purpose of the occasion.

But if you are arranging or attending a Chinese funeral, you need to pay closer attention to the colours you pick.  Observing the rituals of different people says a lot about you.

What Does the Colour White Symbolise at a Chinese Funeral?

Chinese funeral

With white at a Chinese funeral, you cannot go wrong. Therefore it’s safe to buy lilies or white chrysanthemums. Even pale yellow chrysanthemums will be good.

The white colour and the elegance of these particular flowers are highly appropriate as a symbol for the ascension of the soul into the next life or the beginning of a long, deserved rest for the departed soul.

Chrysanthemums have a particularly special significance in Asian culture as these plants are native to the continent.

What About Cool and Neutral Colours?

White is the ideal for a Chinese funeral, but you might not be able to get lilies or any other flowers of this colour where you are.

In that case, your next option will be flowers of pale colours or neutral colours. Lavender or bellflowers are a good idea in this regard. Be careful that the flower colour is not too dark as this will give the wrong impression.

Flowers like verbena would therefore not be a good option though they appear to match the sombre mood of a funeral correctly.

And Warm Colours?

You will see red roses handed to the grieving family in most funerals to lay on the deceased’s casket; at least I’ve seen it in the few I have attended.

Avoid carrying roses of this colour or even pink roses if the deceased is from China. If you must give roses, try and get white ones.

Warm-coloured flowers will be taken to symbolise happiness, and this will be taken to be inappropriate in a Chinese context. You could just be mistaken to be rejoicing at the demise of the person who died.

Can I take Artificial Flowers?

Be careful to observe the above guidelines even if you take artificial flowers. Using artificial flowers is understandable if the distance to the funeral is a long way off and real flowers may wilt. However, make sure they are of high quality, beautiful and the right colour!.

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