Assupol Funeral Plan Details

Assupol a trusted South African insurance company. They design their products with South Africans in mind. They have been offering their excellent insurance products since 1913. With all this experience you can be sure of products which will ensure a dignified funeral. Read on to find out more Assupol funeral plan details.

Assupol knows that planning ahead makes a world of difference. It makes for peace of mind. You no longer have to fret about where the money is going to come from to have your loved one buried or cremated. The Excellence Family Funeral Plan provides money for a dignified funeral for yourself and your dependents. All this costs just R70 a month.

Some more Assupol Funeral Plan Details

● Affordable premiums.
● Unlike other funeral plans which only cover your children up to the age of 21, with the Assupol Excellence Family Funeral Plan your kids can enjoy insurance for their entire lives.
● You can join Assupol fast – there are no medical examinations or tests and no underwriting. You can get up to R50 000 cover, and protected an unlimited number of family members
● There’s the option known as Premium Waiver, which allows your family protection after your death but without any premiums.

People have discovered that with Assupol, they get honest treatment. In fact, instead of nasty shocks coming your way, Assupol has additional wonderful benefits to offer.

Assupol Funeral Plan Details

Some More Excellent Assupol Funeral Plan Details

●   You’ll be receiving money back every four years regardless of whether you have claimed or not.
●   The policy covers stillborn babies too, and if your newborn passes away during the first three months of its life, you will be compensated for this.
●   Your family will enjoy an income for up to 6 months after your death.
●   Assupol On Call offers lots of counselling and other forms of assistance.
●   Double payout on accidental death.

Assupol knows that no-one can avoid death. There are however, things one can do to avoid the stress that comes from not having taken out an affordable funeral plan. Get Assupol funeral plan details now.

When you take on board the Assupol Excellence Funeral Plan, you are covered for accidental- as well as natural death. You can choose to pay in extra on the insurance for additional benefits. These benefits include being able to add any family members and also enjoying the benefits of the Guaranteed Cash Back plan where you  get cash back every 4 years whether you have made a claim or not. even if you have made a claim.

Assupol – they care for your Life

With the Assupol Excellence Family Funeral Plan, nobody will ask you any questions about your medical history. You also won’t have to go for a medical examination. You can add your children, parents and parents-in-law to this plan.

Assupol has been providing insurance since 1913 in South Africa. They know that South Africans want to live happily and independently, free from stress about the final life-event we must all endure – death. There is no substitute for peace of mind, and Assupol’s funeral plans offer high-quality products which are both cost-efficient and effective. Through their research and development, they are able to produce high quality, cost effective funeral plans for everyone so as to improve the quality of life for all South Africans.

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