Assupol Application for Funeral Cover

Assupol application for funeral cover is easy, and you can do it from home.

Assupol Life is an authorized financial services provider who offers their clients funeral, savings, life as well as retirement annuity products.

Assupol created these products primarily for the lower to middle-income market, but now everyone is welcome to apply.

The Birth of an Industry Leader

Assupol started in 1913 as a burial society for members of the police as well as other government employees. Assupol is a company with a fantastic record of dealing with people from all walks of life.

Today they cater for the general public with a slogan that says ‘Serving those who serve.’

Assupol designs funeral cover specifically for South Africans and today they offer their funeral plans to Assupol Application for Affordable Funeral Plansuit the entire rainbow nation.

Assupol is a leader in the insurance industry. Members of Assupol appreciate that the insurance provider engages with the communities in which they operate.

They do things which make their members know they care.

Assupol’s application and claims process are quick, and their clients have, in turn, rewarded them with loyalty.

An Assupol Application for Funeral Cover from Home

Do you need to submit an application form to Assupol? The whole idea of applying for funeral cover with Assupol is to benefit from the simple ‘from-your-desktop’ process.

Assupol provides you with the funeral cover that will eliminate that fear of not having money to pay for a funeral.

Assupol pays a burial policy claim as soon as possible after the death of the insured. After all, you will need the money to pay for the funeral which could be impossibly expensive.

An Assupol application for funeral cover is comfortable and convenient. Just download the Assupol application form to your PC and print it out.

Once you have downloaded the application form, fill it in neatly and then fax it back to them on 087 233 6300 / 7300 or hand it in at any one of the Assupol offices countrywide.

If you feel you are unsure how to proceed with filling in the online form, you can always phone Assupol for help on 012 366 3700, and an Assupol consultant will guide and assist you.

Remember, if you don’t want any delays with becoming a member of Assupol, make sure you complete all parts of the application form. Don’t leave anything out unless it says that some areas of the form you don’t need to complete.

At the bottom of the application form, you will put in your signature.

Assupol application Terms and Conditions – Understand Them

Keep a copy of this form so that you can refer to the terms and conditions. The document may have confidential and legally privileged information which is intended for you and those authorized to receive it.

You’ll be able to see and understand exactly who the insured person is and refer to exclusions. Also, read about the waiting periods that comes with a funeral plan. Know too what they say about fraudulent claims, what the additional optional benefits are and much more.

This way you too will take advantage of a healthy relationship with Assupol.

To get a FREE funeral plan quote just complete and send the form above the article

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