Assupol Contact Details for a Great Funeral Plan

All the Assupol Contact Details are listed here as it is essential for every business to be contactable.

Without contact information, how will your clients ever be able to find you to conduct business with you?

The larger the organisation, the more telephone numbers there will be, as a big business has different departments each delivering their services.

Not only that, a business without contact details comes across as suspect. In fact, did you know that contact details are legally required if you are a formal enterprise?

Certainly, when you look at a business website, then finding proper contact details gives you the assurance that everything is above board and that you are dealing with a legitimate company.

Plenty of Contact Details Eliminate Delays

Contact details don’t only require all the relevant telephone numbers, but also the business name as well as a geographical address where people can reach you.

If you have an email address, this should also be included.  A reputable insurer such as Assupol supplies every contact detail necessary – telephone numbers for their head office, their different departments, their email address and their physical address.

Let’s look at some of the Assupol contact details –

Assupol Contact DetailsHead Office details:

Tel: 012 366 3700                                                                                                                                                                          012 362 3500
Address:  308 Brooks Street Menlo Park 0081 Pretoria
Postal Address: P.O. Box 35900
Menlo Park Pretoria 0102

Assupol Direct Call Centre
Tel: 0860 103 091

Assupol Claims Department
Tel: 012 366 3700
Tel: 0861 000 395

Assupol Members Trust
Tel: 012 366 3770
012 366 3512

Client Services Centre
Tel: 0861 BELONG (235 664)
Tel: 0861 fax2us (329 287)

Assupol On-Call (Value added products & services)

To use this benefit in South Africa, phone 0800 002 614
For countries outside of South Africa use +27 (0) 10 211 4794

On-Call Plus
Tel: 0861 235 664

Demutualisation Call Centre
Tel: 0861 84 84 44 (within SA only)

Group Schemes
Tel: 012 366 3700

Customer care is crucial for business success. Every contact number and address you leave your customers is an opportunity for the business to improve their reputation with them and increase the likelihood of additional members.

Contact details and the way telephones, faxes and emails are handled  will certainly affect the way your customers view your business.

Sales staff, receptionists and consultants at Assupol are a core element and their performance when responding to members contacting them all go towards contributing towards customer satisfaction.

Assupol Contact Details Keep all lines of Communication Open –

The right contact details encourage customer feedback and simply increase communication with customers.

Assupol allows all lines of communication to be open, and each contact method represents great opportunities to listen to members and see how things can be improved.

You can see Assupol cares for their customers – making sure there is no wasting of time. They direct customers immediately to the right division and the assistance they require.

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All info was correct at time of publishing